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Barack Obama Is Down To Sign With The Spurs

Barack Obama is a lover of all things basketball, and he just reveal what team he would sign with if he was a free agent….and if he, you know, was actually in the NBA.

Our wonderful and dedicated president revealed during MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference earlier this week that he would sign to the San Antonio Spurs if he was a free agent.

Obama said about the prospect of jumping in with the Spurs, “This is an outstanding fantasy. I am just basking in the scenario. I think it’s fair to say that there are organizations in the NBA that may not win every year, they are focused on the team, they treat everybody in the organization with respect. That is the kind of organization that I would want to be a part of. I will say that over the last 15 in basketball, San Antonio would be a great example. There is a little drama popping up right now. If you look at what they’ve built, its just a smart, well run operation with good culture.”

Obama also jokingly pointed out that he has friends who have owned NBA teams, so he has to choose wisely as to not offend any of his buddys–He also mentioned the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, and Boston Celtics as other options for his NBA career.

So there you have it, Obama is an honorary member of San Antonio’s roster now. But why couldn’t our POTUS play in the All Star game this past month? Major missed opportunity.



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