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Wake Forest Student Ryan Wolfe Cries “White Underprivilege” On Tucker Carlson Show

This might just be the saddest story about racism we’ve ever reported. Sike!

Last night Twitter began twittering about Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson’s interview with Wake Forest student Ryan Wolfe. You see, Wolfe is upset that the University won’t take action after his classmates clowned the isht out of him following a pre-election panel discussion hosted by Wake Forest Republican groups where he expressed his conservative views… The classmates “bullied” him by handing him a box of saltine’s and in a group chat during the event, a student photoshopped his face… on a CRACKER!

The twitter thread was off the chain…

So we went looking for the video.


Wolfe basically went on Tucker’s show to cry about reverse racism because after he complained for the University to take action he was told that his classmates were basically justified because of Trump’s election. He even tried to throw Melissa Harris-Perry into his argument. GTFOH!

Sorry, but we couldn’t hear the end of the video we were laughing so hard when Tucker Carlson called dude BRAVE to come on the show…

Bullying and online harassment is wrong, but do either of these guys realize that BLACK people and people of color actually RISKED THEIR LIVES and the LIVES of their family members just to have the simple right to get an education, vote or be treated like an equal in public?

White privilege is something else, ain’t it?!


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