They Jacked Our Lingo

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

It has come to our attention some weak website launched that caters to Black women exclusively dating white men. It’s called the “Swirl Society”:*, a niche dating site designed specifically for black women interested in dating white men, launched recently to capitalize on this phenomenon that’s gone relatively under the radar until recent years. With contemporary movies like “Something New,” a romantic comedy about a black professional woman who experiences discomfort about dating outside her race, and “Guess Who?,” a modernized version of the Sidney Poitier classic with the black woman/white man twist, more black women are exploring their romantic options beyond the traditional norm. *aims to level the playing field for black women interested in exclusively dating white men. “Most black women feel at a disadvantage on mainstream and interracial dating sites because they’re competing with non-black women for a small pool of men,” she continues.

We already covered why Black women always have to be looking up at YT?


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  • Sydney

    Wow. . .

  • Just a Thought


  • Just a Thought

    I guess not, anyway…Hey Kim…looks like somebody had u in mind for this one…LOL!!!!

  • Sydney

    @Just a Thought

    I’ll hand you the “First” crown. 🙂 I’m still digesting this. . .

  • lusciouslipps

    Why is this important!?! By mentioning it you are promoting it as well, right!

  • Sunshine

    Where the hell do I sign up?

    • http://blackimpressions bobby

      you can start by leaving my race, i know this is an old post but I needed to say this.

  • glok9n


  • Sushi Ma

    I need to find me a white man…I’m down


    So Kim….

  • The truth

    cave monkey? Explain what that means please.

  • Sweet Brown Sugar

    I already got me a fine snow man in my life. I suggest all sistas get with it they treat you soo much better

    • http://blackimpressions bobby

      don’t ever clame my race you are an insult

    • http://blackimpressions bobby

      allright, since black people seem to be in this interracial dating, mood and the black race seems to be less importent to them, let me say this any body that is against the black race i am against, get it,

  • Jahpson

    Keep the color black alive! stop all this madness

  • Bozo D. Clown

    I wish I could think of something like this… I’d charge people to be members…


    It looks like he doesnt even want to touch her 😦

  • Faith

    This is irrelevant considering the fact that 4 police men got off from shooting a man 52x’s on his wedding day.

  • Necy

    awwwwww, that is beautiful !!!

  • Sweet Brown Sugar

    While brothas aint thinking about sistas when they marry/date those white CAVEWOMEN

    Why hate on sistas realizing their full potential with white men?

    • http://blackimpressions bobby

      this is true these black men will be delt with in the coming future

  • Sydney

    That’s such a bizarre photo. . .

  • Sushi Ma

    Damn he’s looking at that sista like he wants to get it poppin right there!

  • Sushi Ma

    Black Love could be beautiful but if it can’t be found with a brotha why not get it from else where?

  • Bruh Man

    I can’t even be mad at this too many beautiful sistas going around lonely they deserve love too

  • Tracy

    Love is love and we are all of one blood and one love. If this is something that will help women of color who wish to seek men who are not of the same race than…Bravo! Everyone should be happy with who they have no matter what race they are! Good for the “Swirl Society”

    • http://blackimpressions bobby

      you can find love here at home with your own people your real blood is with you people, thats real love

  • Sam

    As long as these white dudes stepping up to the plate can treat my beautiful sistas good. Who really cares?

  • Necy

    @ sweet brown sugar

    so true !!! I dated mostly black man in high school and in college… and they were mostly dogs who wanna be playaz… and I met my husband who is white and he treats me like the GODDESS that I am…

  • Lil' Kevin Mayne

    this can’t be real

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