WTF: Male Co-Workers Let Impoverished Babysitter-Thot Confront Married Radio Host & She Quits On Air

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Danni Starr Quits On Air After Ambush By Attractive Babysitter She Refused To Hire

Is this fair our foul???

A D.C. area radio show almost went up in flames this morning after Danni Starr, the sole woman on their morning show trio, felt ambushed by her male co-workers Quicksilver & DJ 5 9 by a thirsty babysitter she said she didn’t want to hire. They actually invited an IG model that slid into Danni’s DM after she posted she was looking for an emergency sitter.

Danni never responded to the model/singer/nobody when she applied for the job, but instead the thirsty bird contacted her co-workers to complain that Danni was denying her opportunities because she was “jealous”.

When the unknown trollop got to the studio, she tried to go HARD on Danni and she was so pissed! She quit.

She says she quits at the 3 minute and 28 seconds mark.

Wowzers! Danni says she was blindsided by segment and her co-worker said she shouldn’t have been. They discussed it prior. Danni still says that’s not all the way true and they thought it would be funny to embarrass her. Here is a statement from her male co-host who set up the segment where he says she knew what was going on, but he does regret not protecting her after ole “wannabe famous” girl came for her neck.

Seems like Danni is already forgiving her immature co-workers…she asked folks to take it easy on them.

Here is Danni and her husband, she says it was mutual decision for them to not hire an “attractive woman”, just as it was decided that they didn’t was a “manny” or a male nanny. Isn’t that THEIR decision???


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There are days where I’m like I don’t want to do this, I’m good all by myself. I’ve been doing this alone and even when I was married it felt lonely so yeah, I don’t have to do this. The universe checks me quickly, it reminds me that even though I’m capable of doing this alone it doesn’t mean I have to and there’s someone here who really wants to do it all with me. We’ve been through some sh*t, in some ways we are perfectly matched, in others we are completely mismatched but the difference between this and everything else is that he understands I’m a choice, not an option. Everyday I choose this. To be thoughtful, loyal, faithful and a good partner…it’s a choice and it takes work but I make that choice everyday. This weekend was a disaster, nanny fell through, had an array of bad news thrown my way and after grocery shopping – the windstorm took out the fridge and we lost everything… when you have a sick child who needs specific food and it takes 4 hours to go to 4 grocery stores and you lose everything, you’ll feel like the world is trying to end you. He grabbed my hands, looked me in my face and told me to breathe, told me it was a little deal not a big deal in the grand scheme of things ( I tell the girls about little deals everyday) he told me I didn’t lose everything because I have him and two beautiful little girls… his crisis management was on point. When I semi-jokingly asked if it was karma – if somehow I did something, he had so much base in his voice when he instantly said, “ you’re a great fu*king person Danielle, this is not karma.” I love him. When past hurts tell me not to, I can’t help it. When new hurts tell me to run, I can’t help it… when self sabotage wants to do what it does best… I still love him. So I make the choice to do it well, and I would make the demand for him to do it in return, but he does it- no demands necessary. Look at God.

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Danni explains her side further here:


What do YOU think of all of this?

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