Tyler Perry Admits to Getting Molested by Woman and Older Man as a Child

- By Bossip Staff

Tyler Perry recently admitted to being molested by an older woman when he was younger, along with being abused by family. Tyler Perry wrote an open letter to his fans and discussed how he was abused and molested by an older woman as a child:

I couldn’t have been more than 10 years old when I went over to play with her son and Matchbox cars. She opened the door in skimpy lingerie. There was a man sitting on the couch, smoking. She told me that her son was in the bedroom. I was there playing with him about 20 minutes when I heard the man arguing with her. He said he was leaving and slammed the door. She came into the bedroom and told me that I had to go home. She told her son to take a bath and she locked him in the bathroom. I was at the front door trying to get out, when she came in and laid on the sofa and asked me if I wanted the key. I told her I had to go home as it was getting dark. She put the key inside of herself and told me to come get it, pulling me on top of her.

Tyler says his upcoming film “Precious” has given him the courage to come out with things in his past that have haunted him for years. 


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  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)

    Was it someone who looked like Madea?

    Could this be why is likes men?

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmm……

  • koonoomoonooo


  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)


  • The fwesh pwince™

    No, he likes dudes.

  • http://comcast pooh

    I knew that he was gay… I don’t think that he was molested, he’s using that as
    a coverup.. He’s naturally Gay..

  • Anon

    WOW!!!! Chick stuck the key in her cooch? Ughhh. No wonder he is “How you doing”…..

  • copycat

    dats messed up…..I don’t like child molesters.

  • http://comcast Mike B.

    He is gay as the whole universe… You never see him being affectionate with a woman.. Never!!

  • Pookie

    That explains his “complicated” love life, hmmm

  • * i am royalty *

    why do people choose to hurt innocent children?…. and this isn’t even half of what he went through as a kid…

  • babygirl

    i hate dat happen to him. but hey boys these days would’ve handle dat!.

  • The fwesh pwince™

    Gay & all… He still gives back to the community.

  • http://bobolzfl@gmail.com Bob B

    And that was the first, and last time, he saw puss.

  • The fwesh pwince™

    Tyler Fairy.

  • resurrected

    He is like the 5 celebrity that has admitted to being molested, this is a really sad epidemic in our world… Men grown azz men and woman talking advantage of children for there own personal gain and very sad and insecure lives… You have to be very thankful when you life has evaded this none since

  • living in a world of AUTOTUNE...help!!!!!

    lies tyler perry…lies

  • THE SoSelphish 1

    I definitely DO NOT find this funny!
    Grow the Fuk UP…. molestation is NEVER a joking matter….

  • aleximaq

    This is old news…..he said this on 20/20 years ago….

  • http://comcast kid ray

    I do not believe Tyler Perry… I believe that he is a selfmade gay who is trying to use this as a ploy to boost ratings in one of his new films.. He is a true butt pirate… Madea Madea Madea

  • cruzan trini


  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)


    I totally agree! Though I must admit, I am guilty of trying to bring real convo on this site, but I quickly learned that I need to speak in laments terms and “stick to the script” with some of these people. Like you said, I save the intellectual convos for the other sites that require it.

    AND..you are stoopid for that comment!! I’m just saying….this Madea character could be that lady who molested him…which is why Madea is so angry?? Acting out the real feelings of Tyler? Carrying a gun, always in jail…..I know its a storyline, but all things come from some truth.

  • http://www.watchurmouth.com Damali

    Getting molested by that man does not make him gay. B*tching and Complaining about scoring with your friends mom in her lingerie? Now that’s some homo sh*t to say. lol, I’m just saying…

  • Roni

    It’s foul to say negative things about a person who has come so far and been through so much! I love this man. He is an inspiration to me.

  • frida

    How unfortunate that some of those posting on this story fail to understand the long term effects molesting children has on them. To make light Tyler’s
    experience & then make jokes about why he is/is not gay is truly sad.
    That is the reason so many child molestor’s get away with it, because of people like this who don’t believe the kids. It’s not unusual for adults to come forward when they are ready or more able to handle the outcome. Shame of you for making light of this.

  • Really.....

    sad but true, 1 out of 3 children are molested I hope ALL parents are talking 2 their children, its so important, BUT CLEARLY ON THIS SITE….

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