Serena Williams Buys Some Stuff

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Serena Williams was spotted out casually shopping in Beverly Hills this weekend. Those photographers are funny for making sure they got a close up shot of that muscle booty of hers.

Images via WENN

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  • Doagae

    I love Serena! She is a natural….

  • i'm like wft?

    nice to see that even black women who make successful careers based on something other than their physiques (and she was a tennis whiz long before that catsuit) will still be objectified by the paps. gives us all something to aspire to!


    This is the first time I say her booty looks sloppy inn those photos. Where is the muscle booty now?

    And that tired tracksuit does not flatter her shape at all!!!!!

  • Ready Set Go

    Looks like Serena’s face on Macy Gray’s body. Macy is hot as hell.

  • ********W********

    I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Loving the sweatsuit! She looks cute!

  • ms braided beauty the real one

    now thats a real black girls ass not a fake plastic butt injected ass like kim k vida and alot more white women!

  • MeMees

    yay! serena!!!!

  • Aoki Lee

    @6 I have to disagree with you here I think she looks GREAT! I hope your not one of those who believe dark skinned women are not worthy of praise?

    Serena is a fantastic role model & this look she’s got going right {hair, makeup} is fab!

  • Real Talk

    First off her azz looks sloppy in these pics,,,,,second…does she have on lighter make up…THESE DAYS SERENA LOOKS LIKE SHES GETTING LIGHTER…..why do black women do that…love the skin your in DAMN!

  • guilty pleasure

    Well, at least her nails look nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ecklecti1


  • tennisrules

    Serena looks great! She looks so much better than wen she’s trying to do the whole glammed up, red carpet look.

    Her ass looks saggy?????? That’s BS!! Her pants are baggy, fools! She looks cute.. I’m loving this.

  • Black Beauty

    She looks nice. She looks much better when she goes natural. I always thought that she was a pretty woman, sometimes the make-up is just a bit much.


    Serena looks great not to be all made up. She looks like a real attractive sister.

    Check out this artist@

  • Saucy

    Her behind in those pics look like they belong on a fat butt boy.

  • Blacksmith

    Love Serena. Handle you, boo!

  • vaunna

    she sure is being the best Nike spokeswoman she can be. i’m almost tempted to buy that outfit.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    I’m on the fence about her muscularity. Maybe if she hops back in that cat suit I’d change my mind

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