Spotted: Kim Pictured With Reggie Bush

- By Bossip Staff

Yesterday, we told you Kim and LaLa went out to New Orleans to watch Reggie Bush play? Well, we have a picture of the couple from the weekend.

Pop it and peep her and Reg.

Pics via iamlala

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  • Alrighty Then...


  • http://BOSSIP Damn D

    lol @Alrighty Then…

    This is soooo pointless…..

  • Prettywhitegirl

    kim, please stay away from that gorilla. You are a pretty girl; I’m sure you can find a decent white man who loves and cares for you. That gorilla was cheating on you non-stop and yet you still go back? it’s shockingly sad. You can do better.

  • http://bossip I`ll Talk about what I want to talk about Nucca !


  • attagirl

    Look at his and her body language. His body language is like whatever while she is leaning all into him. I think he’s cool on her, but what the hell, if she gonna let me hit.

  • http://bossip I`ll Talk about what I want to talk about Nucca !

    zZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ at Pretty white girl your such a big YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN ! Trying so hard to be intreasting ! LOL ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ`s at you ! Try again !

  • PAM

    Who Cares!

  • This some Shhh....

    After attending a three week training course presented by Khloe Kardashian entitled, How to Get Your Man to Step Up, La La and Kim jetted to New Orleans to apply the latest techniques.




  • WHY

    POOR REGGIE!!! And why isn’t Chris Paul ever with his girlfriend/baby momma??

  • Oh Well...

    aw…look happy, but Kim can do better. Reggie’s not worth her time…but I guess he makes her hapy. oh well…

  • Oh Well...

    correction: THEY look happy

  • Truth... and Di*k Hurts

    Reggie must be knockin it up good….

  • Choco

    Yeah I was looking at Reggie’s face and was like damn he doesn’t look as good to me anymore and they all look bored that pic seems so propped…

  • Cutie

    LOL at her clinging onto him for dear life. Poor Kim.

  • kasha

    kim is waaay more interested in Reggie than he is in her…poor thang…Desperate white girl loving that black di….

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Love her.

  • imjustsayin

    I hope Reggie leave her alone and stop fumbling so damn much on Sundays! WHO DAT!!!

  • Anon3

    is it just me or does anyone think this whole Kim and Reggie break provided a great segment on next seasons TV show….I mean come on….after Khloe’s wedding she hopes on a plane to visit him even though they were still broken up, especially now during football season when he can’t afford to have anyone stressing him about a relationship? I don’t think they were broken up at all

  • the ho-dashians

    Haaaaa! this picture is priceless. Reggie is CLEARLY not into her. how come Kim is the only one who doesn’t see that. look how he’s looking. the pic says it all. it’s like okay, i’m gonna take this pic with you bish.. but dont get any ideas. poor Kim. she hangin on for dear life. i’m really starting to feel sorry for her.


    Is it just me or does she always seem to be hanging off of him. We get it, you are with him. Good. Now just don’t be the cause of him f*cking up his running game!

  • sexxii kelli

    Ok finally I can defend Kim…Reggie played bad last year 2 oh wait he was injured rite…
    Im sick of the spider legs eye lashes…ewww

  • JayAulait

    How about he just gives in and marry her already, then just maybe he can hold on to the damn ball.

  • %#&?!!

    @ pretty…
    i think ur gurl, according to the body language, is the one looking like a gorilla hanging onto a limb. lol! desperate, thirsty slore. lol!

  • Anon E Mouse

    He seems very uncomfortable. If Kim wants a real relationship, maybe should follow Jay-Z and Beyonce example and KEEP IT PRIVATE. I think she loves the celebrity as the cost of the relationship. sad.

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