Kids are Getting High Off of Salvia and It’s Legal!!!

- By Bossip Staff

A lot of kids try to experiment with drugs. They normally start off with marijuana and then go for something harder or even prescription drugs. Well now, they don’t need a prescription, nor will you get in trouble for buying it. It’s called Salvia and over the past 3 years, it has been getting worse.

A trendy new drug is targeting teens. It’s easily accessible and some say highly dangerous.

Salvia is a hallucinogenic that has been outlawed in 14 states, but it is still legal in Georgia and there are no laws limiting who can buy it. CBS Atlanta’s Wendy Saltzman found Salvia for sale in several metro Atlanta stores.

Most smoke shops like Smoke 9-Eleven here in Roswell don’t allow kids under 18 into their stores to buy Salvia, but it only takes a few clicks of a mouse for kids of any age to get on line and get this drug delivered to their door.

Salvia is the hottest high for teens looking for a rush. They can smoke it, chew it, or drink it.

The new “it” drug is being splashed across the internet with teens marketing to teens, posting their experiences online for everyone to see. Shawn Burdge of Smoke 9-Eleven says Salvia hits within 30-seconds of smoking it and the high, which he describes as an “out of body” experience, lasts for several minutes.

“It’s a hallucinogen and it’s potent,” said Burdge. “Basically what I was seeing was the room, but basically like a cartoon version of the room.”

That escape has been compared to using LSD and may sound inviting to thrill-seeking teens.

“Even if it affects you just a little bit, it is still drastic at the same time. It’s still a removal from day to day life,” said Burdge.

The Drug Enforcement Administration said Salvia is potentially dangerous and has officially tagged it as a “drug of concern.”

“What we are seeing are some very extreme psychoactive reactions to the substance. Basically losing all control at that time, of where they are at, what they are doing. Sometimes you will see them fall over from uncontrollable laughter, things like that,” said DEA spokesperson Rodney Benson.

Benson said the DEA is evaluating Salvia to potentially place the drug on the federal controlled substances list.

“Clearly there is an abuse. We are starting to see states around the country on their own beginning to outlaw that substance,” said Benson. In Georgia, not only is it legal, but there is no age limit on who can buy it.

“Another concern for me is the ease on the availability to get that substance,” said Benson.

Anyone can buy Salvia online with no ID and no age restrictions and have it delivered overnight.

But what some say is a dangerous substance that needs federal control, others say is mostly hype.

“It’s not as deadly as they seem to think it is,” said Burdge.

It could took take the DEA a year or more to make that ruling about whether or not to regulate Salvia and make it a controlled narcotic.

Check Out This Video of a Salvia High…


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  • Hannibal

  • charlieblanko

    lmao@the 150 mark!!!

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  • Hannibal


  • Cynthia

    I must be old…never heard of that mess!

  • Khristal

    Alright yall… going to end of looking like TYRONE LMAO!

  • Anna


    I must be old…never heard of that mess!
    I must be ancient because I too have never heard of it.

  • GGooDeiMC

    Getting my first batch next week. I mean really. Laughter is the baddest thing about this drug.

    Well then…I need it in my life.

  • Nu Jawn

    Bought some online. Took long as hell to arrive, still not as good old Mary Jane.

  • Jamaquina.Cubana

    @ charlieblanko

    lmao@the 150 mark!!!

    lmao @ the 314 mark!!!

  • MJ lives on 4ever...

    Man I was laughing so much I thought I was on it…man I’m gone. Bury me in my black dress.

  • Jamaquina.Cubana

    Maaaaaaaaaaaan, no es bueno!!
    See kids …
    Don’t be a fool, stay in school and Say. No. To drugs!!
    (lemme hear you)
    Say.No. To Drugs!!
    (a lil louder)
    Say.No.To Drugs!!
    (one more time)
    Say.No.To Drugs!!

    **remember those PSA or after school specials that would have cheesy songs like that in the late80’s/90’s, well, there’s mine!!**

  • chaka1

    If you got rid of white kids, you would get rid of the illegal drug trade. They will experiment and do more drugs than anything I have ever witnessed.

  • lady

    why would someone want to do a drug that causes you to hallucinate horrifying things?

    Getting high is about mellowing out…relaxing, listening to some good music…laughing with friends…and eating some good food afterwards…


  • tmack09

    who wants to feel like that…that crap looks stupid. I guess since i neva really got down wit drugs i dont see the point. who even knos what the long term affects are??? makes me wanna go out n preach to the next generation…

  • Moreaces

    Well, I guess I live under a rock, because I have never heard of that mess before,, Why would you want to take something that made you act like that..

  • Oh Well...

    LOL…Salvia is NEW???? what the hell? I smoked it over 5 years ago. not a fan…it sort of gives you temporary paralysis…NOT fun…it’s a trippy drug.

  • The Best I Ever Had

    That clip, WTF? It was wrong to laugh but I couldn’t help my self. That is something I will never try, just stick to the plain old fashioned mary jane….(well not plain all the time, lls)

  • Alrighty Then...

    I’ll stick with my good ole ‘ya-dig’. Too old to be trying “new” drugs.

  • Nakia

    i’m a smoker and i tried salvia once. it’s not my kind of high. my body was numb. i thought i was someplace else. i really thought i was there. it was a pretty place though, but i don’t like the feeling of not being in control. i think if i wasn’t sitting crosslegged on my bed at home i may have wandered off somewhere.

    that combined with the fact that the effects don’t last that long like a nice long high with munchies…it’s not my cup of tea….or cup of salvia for that matter. but i can definitley see how shamans would find it useful. if i hadn’t been so freaked out by the fact that i’d hallucinated i may have been able to interpret something from the “vision” had.

  • asds

    not for us. clown the 1st rapper rappin’ about it!

  • TM30

    Call me old fashion, there is no way in he11, I’m ordering any type of drug or anything that can be used as a drug over the internet.

  • HookedonPhonics

    WTF… thats some other shit.. I’ll pass..

  • htown

    That $hit was hilarious… i felt kind of bad for laughing at the kid but that $hit was funny as hell.

  • Salvia is not to be messed wit

    I tried salvia 2 years ago ONCE and never again! That sh*t is not worth it. There is an outta body experience, an unpleasant and annoying short one. Most people who try it, never do it again cuz it’s nothing like weed. It just screws with you for a couple minutes…I don’t need anything increasing my annoyance.

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