Who’s the Daddy?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

This wheffah won’t quit until she gets a hold of them stacks:

“A South Carolina judge has ordered a paternity test for the 6-year-old son of a woman who claims to be James Brown’s widow. Trustees handling the singer’s estate questioned the claims by Tomi Rae Hynie that her son is Brown’s, attorneys representing Hynie and the child said.

‘Clearly, James Brown has held up this child to be his son,’ said Peter Shahid, a court-appointed attorney for James Brown 2nd, adding that the child has received Social Security and insurance benefits since the soul singer’s death.”

James Brown’s trailer park ‘trophy’ widow Tomi Rae Hynie is trying to secure her fortune through her (meal ticket) son. We’re really curious to learn the results of this one. Stay tuned……


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  • afadfa

    she should be ashamed of herself…

  • Lee

    She should be ashamed of herself if it is NOT his son. If it IS his child, I see absolutely NOTHING wrong in pursuing her child’s share. What is she supposed to do? Just say, “Oh well… and go away?”

  • swoosh


  • Al-Anon

    If the paternity test comes back and the kid is not James Brown’s son, does she have to give the social security and insurance money back?

  • crazy black lady

    the boy looks like james brown…

  • http://www.myspace.com/shamecatierrajackson ms meca

    @crazy black lady

    wher you c the lil boy?

  • I'm Just Me


    I mean this man will never rest in peace, huh?

    Whatever I hope this is resolved quickly!

  • Storm

    LMFAO @ “wheffah”

  • WordzOfaProphet

    lookin like james means nuthin. My lil bro look like him too when he wake up n da morning and his hair aint braided….LOL.

    Let dat man R.I.P damn.

  • SMDH

    That little boy looks like James Brown had him all by himself.. Yall need to stop.. I don’t really care for Tammi Rae (or Tommy Rae – whatever the tramps name is)but that’s James Brown’s son.. I strongly believe that is his son!!

  • getyourhandouttamypocket


    lookin like james means nuthin. My lil bro look like him too when he wake up n da morning and his hair aint braided….LOL.



  • Qt

    sorry i’m with her on this one .. she said she has no problem having little man take a dna test provided ALL THE OTHER grown kids take one too .. obviously, james thought a couple weren’t his but has stayed supporting them so, let all of them take it .. and if he isn’t, she’ll go away .. if she is, little man needs the same share as his other REAL ones ..

  • BellaY

    This should be interesting.

  • crazy black lady

    what happened to my comments?

  • lusciouslipps

    DAMN – he’s dead and still caught up in so much drama! WTF!

  • http://braibrai@yahoo.com ms braided beauty the real one

    How is this boy collecting benefits and there is no proof that he is the son of James Brown???????????

  • Somer

    I’m sorry, but have y’all seen the little boy in question. He looks just like JB.

  • Real

    I guess her biggest mistake in all of this is that she is white, if her skin was black she would not get the “goldigger” bs thrown in her face all the damn time.

    She was a backup singer, he could have choosen any girl, but he must have liked her, maybe beacuse he felt she was the real deal?

    Was James Brown really naive enough after all those years of groupies trying to get their share, he would give a goldigger any extra attention?

    I think not, but she’s white so she must be an evil horrible c*nt right? *sigh*

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    JB should have had a paternity test done for JB III before he died. He was known to have lots of groupies and fans.

  • Lee

    @ REAL

    I would disagree. Her biggest mistake in this was “marrying” James Brown when she already had another husband. Had she not done so, she would have been a LEGITIMATE wife and heir and not going thru all this drama to secure her son’s future.

  • JAD

    She is obviously using her son to gain access to the late James Brown’s money. SO SAD.

  • MrsLaadee

    The DNA result won’t surprise me whichever way it comes out!

  • The One

    Money, money, money, money! Everybody else rode the James Brown money train…she should be able to as well.

  • The Bear

    This is wrong!!!… When Mr. Brown was alive he accepted the boy as his son and did not contest paternity. Now that Mr. Brown is dead what the hell gives anybody the right to order paternity tests or even question paternity.

    I don’t care if Tommie R. is white and a gold digger… she deserves the money. Yall need to cut out the B.S. James Brown was no fool if he accepted it and demanded that she be respected as his wife none of us have a right to second guess him. Respect the man’s wishes. I think its really dispicable how you all attack her. It shouldn’t even matter if he’s the biological father. If any of you REALLY know anything about James Brown you’d know that he’d want the kid taken care of either way!!! And that’s the truth.

  • The Bear


    Nice to see you!!!

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