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Courtesy of Rod Gates Sr.

Reality Show Couple Called It Quits After Shooter Cheated With Sierra’s Assistant

Their ugly split played out in front of the nation on “Love & Hip Hop: Altanta.”

And now, BOSSIP can reveal that reality show co-stars Shooter and Sierra Gates have officially divorced following seven years of marriage after the Glam Shop owner discovered her partner had cheated on her with her own assistant.

Sierra filed for divorce last summer, saying that her marriage to the music exec had become irretrievably broken and they’d been living apart for months, according to her divorce petition, which was obtained by BOSSIP. Shooter – whose real name is Rod Gates – didn’t contest the filing, and the two were able to OK a deal settling their divorce beef rather than taking the case to trial.

Shooter and Sierra agreed to joint physical custody of their son, Mason, 7, with Sierra being the primary legal guardian.

They said that they didn’t acquire any property during their seven years together, so there weren’t any marital assets to divvy up. The exes also agreed not to seek alimony or any kind of spousal support from the other.

Interestingly, Sierra will have to pay Shooter $128 a month in child support because her $5,000 a month salary is more than what he brings in – $4,000, according to court papers. Based on Georgia’s child support guidelines, Sierra had to pay Shooter $639 a month, while Shooter had to pay her $511, which is how they arrived at the $128 a month figure.

They agreed to a provision in their deal barring each other from trash talking the other in front of the kid, and if they can’t agree on issues like the child’s schooling, religious upbringing or extracurricular activities, Sierra would have the final say, according to the divorce papers.

They also decided that Sierra could claim the boy on her taxes.

Laat week, Shooter told us that he had to go though the divorce right around the time that his oldest son, Rod Jr. was murdered, and that Sierra wasn’t there for him as he grieved.

We wish these two the best with their new lives as singles.


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