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Rocko’s Wife Says Halle Calhoun Fling Is OVER

Remember we told you that rapper Rocko was “hanging” out all over ATL with Halle Calhoun, the girl who dated R. Kelly when she was 19? Welp, his wife said their relationship is already a WRAP.

The Gossip Twins reached out to Rocko’s wife Nicole and she clarified that yes, they smashed but he isn’t taking Halle serious at all!

We reached out to Nicole and she let us  know that her and Rocko did have a hiccup in their relationship but they are very much together, they even live together. Nicole also stated Halle Calhoun is just looking for fame. She said Rocko messing with Halle is just him acting out, and Halle just fell for his trap. Nicole also states Halle has been harassing and trying to break her and Rocko apart for weeks.

Rocko’s wife is a pretty lady…

Kudos to them for working it out, right?


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