10 Tips to Impress Your Potential In-Laws (Part II)

- By Bossip Staff

Okay, okay! So y’all didn’t like the Part I! But please keep in mind, it was a topic from one of our readers who is terrified to meet her potential in-laws in the near future! This is a very important event for a relationship that could turn into an engagement and marriage. So it would be best to make a good impression, right? That’s not to say that you have to put on a front or pretend to be someone you’re not, but put your best foot forward and at least try to jump start a healthy relationship with the mother and father of the could-be spouse. If it doesn’t work and Mom and Dad don’t like you, at least your significant other knows without a shadow of a doubt that you tried, right? So let’s get these last few tips out of the way and hope this young lady shines during what can be an unnerving encounter! Again, preparation is key! Good luck, sis!

6.) Be Yourself – of course this is a given! Just to clear up any fog from the previous post. You don’t have to pretend to be a rocket scientist if that’s not what you are! But be your natural self. If you’re the one who occasionally forgets to say “please” and “thank you,” keep it in check. If your man/woman does whatever you tell him/her to do, put the “please” and “thank you” on the end of the request. What you don’t want the parent to assume is that you’ve “whipped” their kid. Furthermore, you don’t want that seed planted in your partner’s head by either of their parents.

7.) Never Show Up Empty-Handed – This goes back to doing your research! If Mom likes wine, take her a bottle of her favorite brand or a nice bottle of her wine of choice, (white/red/blush). If your partner comes from a religious home, take a dessert, homemade would be more impressive but store bought works just the same! Or, you can do both. This is not kissing up, it’s being thoughtful.

8.) Get To Know Them – it’s always good to know where your partner comes from as in his/her roots and heritage. A good way to start a conversation is: so “Mrs. _____, I hear you’re from …” Or in a more culturally diverse situation where your loved one is a first generation American, there’s loads of discussion topics i.e. traditions, culture and customs.

9.) Keep it G-Rated – touching and kissing your significant other is a natural thing to do; however, it should be kept to a minimum in front of the parents … for the first time at least. A warm graze of the leg, shoulder rubs and pecks are as much as most parents would like to see. So keep your hands to yourself and be mindful that a set of eyes are always on you!

10.) Show Them You Care – this is a must! The parents must trust that you have their son/daughter’s best interest at heart. Keep eye contact with him/her warm, sweet and adoring. Smile at him every chance you get and give him/her second hand compliments. For example: “He is such a gentleman, Mrs. _____,” or “She’s a good woman to me, Mr._____.” And you can’t go wrong.

While this list may be a no-brainer to most, hopefully it will help someone! Please remember to e-mail your feedback and topic ideas to loveandrelationships@bossip.com, and your idea may be featured on our site!

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