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Philadelphia Eagles player, Malcolm Jenkins speaking to the crowd at the Free Meek Mill Rally at the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

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Meek Mill Speaks In Detail About His Prison Plight

Meek Mill may be a free man before the day is over, but in the days leading up to his Monday hearing, he’s been doing tons of press to promote his cause.

For those unfamiliar with his case, Meek is currently being held in jail in Philadelphia as a result of a 2017 “reckless endangerment” arrest for popping wheelies which never resulted in a charge, but was deemed a probation violation by Judge Genece Brinkley, who sentenced Meek to 23 months in jail and 10 years probation back in 2008 after he was convicted on gun and drug charges for allegedly selling crack to an informant and threatening officers with a gun. In recent months there has been a huge development, as Meek’s original arresting officer, Reggie Graham, was revealed to be on a secret list kept by the Philly DA of “tainted” cops who had “a history of lying, racial bias, or brutality.” Currently, the Philadelphia district attorney, mayor and governor have all agreed that Meek should be released on bail, but the final decision rests with Judge Brinkley, who has refused.

“I am a political prisoner. Yes, I’m frustrated there’s no way in a million years I could get a fair trial in front of this judge…Yeah, I am angry, but I am a prisoner of politics – me being in this situation, has brought light to the people who are serving time because of other corrupt cops,” Meek told Page Six via phone from the State Correctional Institution in Chester, PA.

“In the middle of a full-blown raid, do you believe that I could point a gun at two officers, when there’s 10 other officers in attendance with firearms in the air?

“Do you believe in America that I could point a gun at two officers and not be killed or at least shot at? They are trained…to shoot into the target and neutralize, that’s why you are seeing young black men who are shot 20 times, 15 times, for reaching for their cellphone in their pocket or running from police.

“Anybody in the world – you don’t even have to be a judge – knows I didn’t point a gun at these cops. I don’t have a reason to point a gun at a police officer, I am not a suicidal person, I never thought about suicide, I don’t want to kill myself. Pointing a gun at a cop is suicide.

“You will never even hear a lyric [from] me talking about killing a cop or shooting at a cop…Everybody knows if you are a black young kid coming up, you know don’t ever lift a firearm at a cop unless you want to die. It’s simple”.

It does sound pretty simple. Do you think the public will support Meek even further when they hear these new details about his original conviction?

The latest prison photo of Meek Mill (Robert Rihmeek Williams) who is incarcerated after a judge sentenced him to 2-4 years for repeatedly violating his probation following a drug and gun conviction in 2008. The rapper is being held in a facility in Montgomery County, a Philadelphia suburb. The 30-year-old hip-hop artist wears the regulation yellow jumpsuit given to newly received inmates. He entered a Philadelphia courtroom on Monday [Nov 6, 2017] for a hearing about the violations of his 5-year parole from the 2008 conviction. He was accused of failing a drug test, plus failure to comply with a court order restricting his travel. Prosecutors cited unapproved travel to New York for a benefit concert and efforts to join Nicki Minaj, his then-girlfriend, in several unproved locations. He was also accused of submitting water instead of urine for a drug test. Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley reportedly told the rapper: "I've been trying to help you since 2009...You basically thumbed your nose at me". Meek admitted to battling addiction to the prescription painkiller Percocet.

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There’s more though. Another officer at Meek’s original arrest has said in a sworn affidavit filed in February this year,

“I never saw [Meek] lift his gun and point it,” the rapper instead threw the gun on the ground and Graham later came up with the story. Meek says he was handcuffed, taken inside a nearby house, and brutally beaten by the cops.

Meek also says the police lied about him selling crack to the informant, pointing to their failture to bring the drugs to court as evidence. Officer Graham retired to Florida last year after 22 years on the force, during which time he made 400 arrests. His named was added to a “tainted” list within months of his retirement and another officer who worked with Graham said in a sworn affidavit, also signed in February, that they fabricated search warrants, stole property while on those searches, beat people and Graham had boasted to him, “I arrested that rapper boy Meek Mill and whooped his ass.”

Meek is on a mission to clear his name and free his body but he says he’s concerned with others as well.

“There’s many other men in this situation, their lives need to be saved too, they’re kidnapped from their families, locked up in a concrete and metal facility, over crimes they most likely didn’t commit,” the rapper said via phone. “I will come back and help save people and help make the world a better place,” Meek said, as the call cut off.

Do you believe him? Should Meek Mill be freed immediately? Is there any hope for reform in America’s justice system?



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