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Mobb Deep’s Ex-Manager Sues The Duo For $500,000

Havoc from Mobb Deep is going through some legal trouble, and he’s being sued alongside his late partner–but luckily he’s not too worried about the outcome.

 TMZ reported on Thursday that Buck 50 Productions is suing the hip-hop duo for at least $500k, claiming that they managed Havoc and the late Prodigy from 2010 until the latter’s untimely death last year. They claim within the suit that during that time they handled tour booking, recording, and endorsement deals, which along with advances lead to a bill of at least $500,000.

It would be pretty strange for a management company–or anyone for that matter–to work for a client for 7 years having not picked up any check yet, which makes Havoc claiming that this lawsuit is nothing but a money grab sound much closer to the truth.

Havoc told TMZ that the lawsuit Buck 50 Productions filed against Mobb Deep is sickening because he’s doing it after Prodigy’s tragic death last summer in Las Vegas. He says that all the suit will do, IF the management company were to win, is take food out of the mouths of Prodigy’s kids. He says, “what kinda sicko sues his artist after he dies, knowing that that man got kids?”

The surviving member of the duo doesn’t seem too concerned though, and assures everyone that he can prove they never even managed him–he’s even entertaining a countersuit against Buck 50.





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