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Man Kicks Girlfriend To The Curb After Winning $500K At Casino Together

A man in New Jersey went on an insane $500,000 winning streak at the Atlantic City baccarat tables, all with his girlfriend by his side. That all seems like a story for the books–but once the newly wealthy man returned home, he stashed away the cash for himself and kicked his lady to the curb, she claims in a federal lawsuit.

21-year-old Jasmine Zheng told The Post, “I never gambled before I met him. At first I was standing there watching him, after that we started gambling together.”

Her boyfriend, Zhiwei Zheng, was a longtime gambler, and would make huge $2,000 per hand, usually losing–that is, until Jasmine changed the game.

“Jasmine’s a good luck charm,” quipped her lawyer, James DeCristofaro. She says, “I kinda figured it out when I was watching,” she said. Because of this, the couple pooled their money and agreed to split any winnings, according the the lawsuit.

The couple really started cashing in, and posted photos of money all over their social media to prove it. When gambling, they would both use Jasmine’s casino comp card, meaning that the winnings (and taxes owed) were all recorded in her name.

“I was really trusting him at that time and I really loved him,” she said, but claims the money completely changed her boyfriend, but the break-up left Jasmine devastated.


“I seen him about a month ago. He had a big chain, a Cuban Link, more than 100 grams…He says, ‘I got it from my girlfriend.’ He upgraded,” one neighbor said about Zhiwei.

When Jasmine asked Zhiwei’s father to return her portion of their winnings so she could pay the taxes, he allegedly encouraged her to lie. “You just tell them you lose all the money, then you don’t have to pay the tax for it,” she claims she was told.

This unlucky ex-girlfriend hasn’t seen a penny of the cash winnings, said her lawyer, calling the breach of contract case “unreal.”

Jasmine is seeking $500,000 in damages.



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