Maxwell: I Don’t Care If You’re Riding the Crimson Wave… Just Put Some Towels Down!!!

- By Bossip Staff

The other night while performing in Atlanta, Maxwell made the statement:

I don’t care if it’s that time of the month, we can put towels down.

Now, we all know Maxwell is a freak but what we want to know is…

Ladies: How many of you are down for gettin’ chopped down while on your cycle???

Fellas: How many of you are willing to dive into the crimson tide???

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  • bellydancer

    Hell to the No!
    The cha cha is supposed to get a rest period.

  • Alrighty Then...

    ew, but whatever. I’m not the one who has to swim in that mess. Yuck.

  • Cynthia

    Wow,,man is fine and a FREAK TOO lmao

  • ninaprb

    In the bible it says that’s a no no…

  • Khristal

    I’d look him in the eyes and say okay baby!

  • Dennis


  • sheneneh

    He must say that at every show …he was in Richmond last week and he said the same thing…That damn Maxwell…

  • Thursday

    @ninaprb…..damn y u wrote dat now i can’t even type what i wanted to lol

  • jai

    done it….doesn’t feel as moist lol ….2 sticky

    hey if you’ve both been tested and your in a relationship there really shouldn’t be any bounderies

  • tb

    I’ll have to pass…..That’s five days of rest right there.

    If let a brother do that one, he will come back every month trying to get in where he fits in. A sister would never get a break.

  • Truth

    Honestly, I have done it in the shower, after taking a shower.. For me, there is no red stuff
    :-/ at that time…. I guess that makes me a sinner, but my man is a freak. I would never do it while it’s raining though, I’d surely gross myself out.

  • leelee

    please, we all have done that

  • Whoa B

    I have red towels for just the occasion!!! lol

  • Mallz from Da O

    Hell to tha No No

  • smiley

    Wow…. I didn’t know that Maxwell got down like that!!!!



  • Dr. Heather

    Only when I ‘m very close to being done. I’m in too much pain early on to be fuggin’ while on my period!

  • lean (Breaking the Monotony)

    We’ve all done it! But I agree w/ an earlier comment…it’s not the same!

    The last day is DEF okay! But the 1st and 2nd IDK thats a little out of control! lol

  • Taniesha Kennedy

    @whoa b – me too !

  • angee

    outrageous!!!what fun would be feeling cramps, then cleaning up after!!! its a period of rest for the cha cha

  • BallerAlert

    Maxwell says that at every show. So?

  • Arod

    I am married so we do it like that all the time. And he is right. Put some towels down

  • LLLL

    Everyone has done it. I know that i have. Never the first day but on your light days its not that bad. I am a freak and i love my man and if he wants it he gets it…

  • nvr2much

    Honestly a wise man once told that if the guys is cool with it and wants to do it why should i trip. And i dont know if its just me but i always seem hornier when its that time

  • as seen on t.v.

    maybe on the last day but never while it’s fully on….too much like a crime scene…

    laughing @ drenk red wings…

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