Saudi Man Brags About Choppin’ Down Wombs and Is Sentenced to 1000 Lashes and 5 Years?

- By Bossip Staff

This man’s name is Mazen Abdul Jawad. Mazen was on TV bragging about all the women he has been with and has now been sentenced to some time and lashings:

Saudi court, on Wednesday, sentenced a man who caused an uproar by bragging about his sex life on television, to five years in prison and 1,000 lashes, according to Ministry of Information officials. Mazen Abdul Jawad, a 32-year-old airline employee and divorced father of four, spoke openly about his sexual escapades, his love of sex and losing his virginity at age 14. He made the comments on Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, which aired the interview a few months ago.

Saudi authorities shut down LBC offices in Jeddah and Riyadh after airing the interview on an episode of its popular show “A Thick Red Line.” Jawad was arrested shortly after the program aired and was charged with violating Saudi Arabia’s crime of publicizing vice. On the program, Jawad is also shown in his bedroom, where he holds sexual aids up to the camera.

The room is decorated with Mickey Mouse and stuffed bears in sexually suggestive positions. The cameras gave audiences a glimpse of the room’s nightclub-like chandeliers mixed with seafood-shaped wall sconces, perfume bottles and a book in Arabic, “101 Questions About Sex,” that Jawad calls his “reference.” Jawad, wearing a red shirt, explained that he put his phone number and details about his car — a red Mini Cooper — on his mobile phone’s Bluetooth. He says women usually call him to ask if the car is for sale but, he boasts, “some go out with me that same night.” The episode ended with him cruising the streets of Jeddah in his car looking for women.

The show that aired Jawad’s story is as popular as it is controversial in the Middle East. It tackles taboos sometimes never discussed in public. Surprisingly, Jawad did not disguise his identity on the program.

Being a player has more repercussions than STD’s and children… in Middle Eastern countries.


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  • Khristal


  • sheneneh


  • Alrighty Then...

    Good! Keep ya damn mouth shut.

  • sheneneh

    that’s a damn shame

  • Cynthia

    Room decorated like Mickey Mouse…Oh HELL Naw!

  • bellydancer

    What! you mean the saudis took a break from beating and maiming women and foreigners to arrest one of their own.
    Well wonders never cease!
    I guess you have to be a member of the royal family to get away with that type of shit.

  • Nique

    No sympathy here! Ol boy knew what he was doing and EXACTLY where he was at.Hope the puss(ies)were worth it.SMH

  • tb

    Damn son!

  • drenk

    gotta love it when religion runs government

  • B'More

    they need to do that here. maybe then we won’t have so many lil’ waynes and kids without fathers running around.

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  • Anon3

    you gotta be a complete idiot to do something like that in the middle east where religion runs the government….did he really think nothing was going to happen to him??!! and 1000 lashes…dang!!!

  • Larry
  • H2O ***THE WATER BOY***


  • rude gyal


    no kissing and telling lame…

    lol…he gets no points for that dumb mess. I mean how excited can one be if you been f*cking since 14?

  • rude gyal

    they are harsh to women for real…let her say she’s a virgin…they stand outside and wait for the husband to discard of a bloody sheet on their honeymoon…SERIOUSLY no jokes!

  • Truth... and Di*k Hurts

    beat his ass

  • TM30

    A 1000 lashes? Let’s be real, the may as well execute this guy, there is no way he is going to survive 1000 lashes, especially if the are given consecutive or days apart.

  • Inglewood Hustle

    Ain’t mad at the Saudi’s for that one.

    If we had laws like that…think of how many baby daddy’s wouldn’t think of doing the stuff they’re doing.

    These kids would have a better chance of having both parents to raise them.

    These playas would be too busy taking care of the first batch of children to start a new family with the next and the next chick.

  • From the Middle East

    “Being a player has more repercussions than STD’s and children… in Middle Eastern countries.”

    this may be true but don’t generalize all the countries in the middle east against saudi arabia. saudi arabia is one of the most extreme countries in the world, if not the number 1 extremist muslim country in the world.. dont generalize the other countries within that category…

  • AAdonis

    LASHES? Isnt it bout 2b 2010!

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