What The Hell???: Harry Connick, Jr. Rides on Black Faced Act

- By Bossip Staff

These five idiots were on a show in Australia called Hey Hey Hey It’s Saturday in black face. Harry Connick, Jr., who is a good friend of Oprah’s, was highly offended and left the judging panel… rightfully so.

Pop the top and be appalled

Idiotic and ignorant to the racism they hold true to heart, cliche’.

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  • sayWHAT!

    BOOOOO! BOOOOO I say…..

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Khrital

    Again I say WTF?

  • sayWHAT!

    if they had done that crap in America it would have gone something like this:
    “Last night five Australians were brutally beaten after performing in blackface”

  • Alrighty Then...

    WOW. I love Harry Connick Jr….
    The idiocy and lack of racial sensitivity nowdays is appaling.

  • sasha


  • Nique


    LOL! So true!!

  • http://sheneneh.wordpress.com sheneneh

    He was the only one who saw something wrong with this…that’s crazy

  • tb

    What Harry Connick, Jr. said was bullshit. He knows damn well that the US does this all the time. After all, Harry Connick, Jr. did the same thing himself, while playing a black southern baptist minister for MadTV.

    He just didn’t want to be caught up in any racial shit.

  • MIke.nice

    Harry got some Indian in him

  • lt

    And some people still think racism doesn’t exist.

  • B'More

    now let’s see all the fools that come on this board swearing that racism doesn’t exist. oh, i forgot. it’s not racist unless it’s a black person making fun of a white person. SMH.

  • janj

    i don’t see where he left the panel at all. in fact it shows him sitting through the performance and then commenting as well as scoring. so the statments he made at the end w/the announcer does nothing for me because if he was truly offended, he would have walked out during the performance and that would have spoke for him without him having to say anything.

  • http://myspace.com/870bg bg(I'm Going In)

    GOOD! It’s not funny, but its prolly some black folks in this world who woulda just sat there.

  • SoooSassy

    oooh weee folks never cease to amaze me. there were 6 doctors on stage and not one of them thought that idea was stupid as hell! Racism is very much alive! Dam* shame!

  • Divine

    Well Harry Conick, Jr. is more than just a good friend of Oprah, inciuating that this is the only reason he got up from the panel. Harry was raised in New Orleans. He was mentored by Ellis Marsalis and are close to the family and a apart of the N.O. jazz community that’s mostly black. AND he has the sense to recognize racism when he sees it. Good for him.
    When good white people do nothing that’s how stuff like that becomes acceptable.

  • as seen on t.v.

    I read about this earlier on MSN…Harry Connick has always been a stand up guy…When Katrina hit he was one of the first people to go down and try to help and not just with his wallet…He was there at the dome reporting letting the world see what was really going on down there…

  • charlieblanko

    I agree divine… we should have a problem with those letting mess like this slide.

  • FckOff

    Most of the Aussies apparently do not see anything wrong with this, just look at the comments on youtube & google from white Aussies defending & applauding this

  • mojojojo

    harry conrick Jr was offended now he didn’t walk off the show but he didnt stay. he still has to make his money out there so he made his statement and left. He couldnt get to upset because in their country it isnt a big deal.. Not saying they are right but u saw how the auidence was clapping and cheering and they were on 20yrs ago! they dont see this as offense but we do
    i think he handled it well and left

  • FckOff


  • Alinde

    I knew there was a reason I liked Harry Connick Jr. That he was the only one bothered by this…SMH

  • Moe

    Damn @no need
    You need to start over. SMH at you!

  • Well Alright....


  • Anon3

    this is offensive…..total Black Face….because you can’t tell me that if they were truly going for the Jackson’s that they could not have found face paint that actually reflects the the Jackson’s REAL complexions….good for Harry Connick Jr. The producers must not have gotten the memo that every White American is not cool with this

  • Waves Of Gray

    They shoulda got their asses beat 20 yrs ago.

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