F*ck a Thug: Thug Tries to Ride on Family Man and Catches a Bad Fade

- By Bossip Staff

When a thug decides to start pushing around a family man as well as messing up his property, he gets just what he came for… a knockout.

Pop it and watch the fade

SMH@him crawling away after one punch. What a peon-punk.

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  • http://bossip dondada

    dude aint wanna do it but he had to

  • http://bossip dondada

    dude knew karate too look how he got his left hand i usta have that same handstyle when i was a kid lol


    the loudest ones are always the weakest ones

  • trust no one

    lol@ how they just closed the gate at the end ..


    so funny he was done after that weak punch!!!!! lolol

  • copycat

    lol lol lol….funy how they just closed the gate at the end….

  • http://my242.com/2009/10/fck-a-thug-thug-tries-to-ride-on-family-man-and-catches-a-bad-fade/ F*ck a Thug: Thug Tries to Ride on Family Man and Catches a Bad Fade - My 242

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  • bigdog


  • YogiSmart

    The weaker one always does alot of louding talking and gesturing right before they endure a beat down. It’s actually a defense mechanism. He’s posturing because he really knows he’s at a disadvantage….a bluff. This is also common in the animal world. The dominant position is always the calmest more disciplined one. Ol’ boy didn’t want to kick his punk ass, but dude wouldn’t cut it short.

  • charlieblanko

    lol@his crawl…and how weak the dude that socked him looks. The guy didn’t want none…but was forced from fear. Good left thought…

  • charlieblanko

    me too Alrighty then…

    When he got in my face and backed up…the first time. he would have been picking his teeth up.

  • charlieblanko

    roflmao@catch fade…catch fade fool….that is real cali talk right there…real…lmao

  • JB Going to get stock in Nike!!


    What you know about real cali talk?

  • Eva

    Catch fade? I bet my next paycheck they don’t speak like that in good ol Queens England 🙂

  • charlieblanko

    @JB…born, raised, and involved. I stay in the OC, JB.

  • Robert

    @Blackdiamondcenter.That was,nt a weak punch.That was a Martial Arts move.Notice how calm the fat guy was and his stance when the other guy was wild.In kung Fu you are taught to aim for pressure points.Another telling way was him pushing that punk away for space to study his movements and then countered without much energy used.You would have to take classes to know.Sometimes its not how hard you hit-its more of the point of attack

  • Robert

    Martial artists baby.You punks must have forgotten about us.Nice chop to the throat.Defend the castle.You can also see that the big guy was setting up a roundhouse.There would have been no getting up.

  • T

    Fat guy was at least a blue belt in something.


    He didn’t disgrace the dojo.

  • charlieblanko

    “Catch fade, Catch Fade Fool!”

  • lynn

    errant punch….

  • Momo


  • Tyson

    White boy had his G.I joe type clothes on and everything

  • top ramen shotta


  • mojojojo

    @ ms jazz
    oh lawd child please stop it! u can hit a note but over all u need to work on it before u post it on websites
    Claude ham Mercy that snippet was all i needed LMAOOOOO

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