Stay in Your Lane: Alicia Keys to Start a Blog About Positivity…

- By Bossip Staff

Alicia Keys is going to start a blog focused on positivity and uplifting women.

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  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    Ha. how fitting…

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    What? Im first? I dont believe it. I’m surprised all of Mashonda’s stans arent holding this down…lol

  • Truth

    A homewrecker, uplifting women???? Seriously?

  • melissa

    What she is gonna teach us? How to steal another married woman man…please

  • Diva

    lol @ the majority of the comments. Im glad we all feel the same! She got nerve!

  • gigi

    Good for her.. I wish folks stop blaming her for the mashonda thing.. She did not owe mashonda anything Siwzz did and everyone including Mashonda needs to get over it, he left you move on… Damn.. Alicia Keys is that girl… Love Alicia…

  • Cynthia

    She need to…right now she is looking like a home wrecker

  • Khristal

    Good for her, i am all about the empowerment of women

  • tb

    Good for her.

    IDK how a woman can be a homewrecker when she is with a man that is no longer with his wife. No one knows if AK was messing with Swizzy while he was still with Mashonda. That’s the problem, ppl are only hearing Mashonda’s side of the story and judging AK. Mashonda seems a bit salty to me.

  • Bitchh please

    Uhhh – NO MAM. The only thing you can teach people is how to steal a married man. Such hypocrisy. This is a career move and a publicity stunt. I’m sorry Miss Keys, you are a phony. Stop trying to inspire people knowing you live the opposite. You helped caused the destruction of another black family. You lose major points with me. I will be sitting out on your next album.

  • Tupactu

    Today’s topic “Other women’s husbands and how to keep them happy.”
    Friday’s topic “How to stay positive when your man’s wife is keepin it negative.”

  • Whatevs

    Too all the AK fans. WAKE UP! You’ve been bamboozled. Alicia Keys is no better than your girl around the block who sleeps with married men. The fact is Swizz Beats is STILL MARRIED. The problem with black women is this desire to justify trifling ho’ behavior. That’s somebody’s Husband not boyfriend and Alicia Keys knew that. Sorry but I’m riding with wives because hopefully one day I’ll become one. I wouldn’t want anybody to come between me and my husband and if they did I have every right to pissed as hell about it.

  • B'More

    interesting. who’s gonna be he editor, superhead?

  • sasha


    interesting. who’s gonna be he editor, superhead?

    LMAO you gonna get me fired, I had to laugh really outloud

  • http://Bossip Blake

    After sleeping with a married man… WOW! I hope that she don’t get her feelings hurt when folks blog about her f*cking a married man!

  • Whatevs

    lol @ Tupactu …. so true!

  • Jade Silver

    Yes, she’ll be teaching women how to positively steal people’s husbands. How it will positively uplift your self respect.

  • mel

    Alcia uplifting yeah right just think of how Mashondas child will frow up disrespecting women because of this publice spectacle which he wioll eread about whne he is older Ar

  • meekameek

    There were soo many things I used to dig about AK, her music was soo real, she didnt come out showing alot of skin, she always seemed real classy. Why??? she would involve herself with the messy situation of a married man suprises me and cast doubt where there was once admiration…. Damn, AKeys…

  • Alrighty Then...

    I just can’t take her seriously… her whole outward being is a facade, IMO.

  • Please!!

    Ok for the women on here that don’t see the wrong, to be uplifting and in the spotlight for being positive your own house needs to be clean. Alicia can not talk to me about anything, I know a man or a woman can’t be made to do anything they don’t want to do, but we need to take a look at those that are trying to represent us black women, Alicia sleeping with married men, tamika trying to be a role model for loving yourself (when she almost died getting lipo), Toya writing a book about her life, when she hasnt worked a day in her life got pregnant by a rapper and living off of child support and alimony. Nene writing a book when she is just a loud mouth ghetto woman putting fake business in the street. PLease give me someone on the real tip and then I’ll take note! Next who will it be,

  • It is what it is

    Alicia Keys will teach young girls to grow up, become successful, make millions of dollars only to turn around and sleep with married men and break up black families. What a role model she is.
    *eyes rolling*

  • Anon3

    anyone who puts the blame on Swizz by himself should be ashamed of themselves…Alicia knew he was married..period….even if she didn’t owe any loyalty to Mashonda she should have respected herself…I heard on the radio 2 years ago that someone had spotted Swizz and Alicia hugged up and the Gungenheim….2 years ago Swizz and Mashonda were still together….just trifling

  • mel

    SORRY ABOUT TYPOS Mashonda’s son will have no respect for women when he read how publicly his father humiliated his mother, Alicia has shown no remorse or humility for her actions which is very surprising I use to have so much respect for Alicia I dont know what is happening in Hollyweird but all these celebs seem to be losing their DAM MINDS Judgement day must be coming soon

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals---Pimpin, Platinum style!!! J-Hud's concert was OFF THE MEAT RACK!!!!!!!!!

    Even with the negative publicity, I’ll bet she will get a lot of visits.

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