Lisa Raye Comes for Vivica Fox and Star Jones on her Reality Show

- By Bossip Staff

According to Lisa Raye, Vivica Fox and Star Jones did her wrong and she’s going to put them on blast in her new reality show.

Lisa Raye says she was abandoned by her hollyweird friends after her divorce from Michael Misick, and she plans to put them on blast on her reality show. Sources close to Lisa say she was upset when Star supported Michael during her divorce and wasn’t by her side; unlike Lisa who let Star stay at her home for three weeks when she was going through her divorce from Al Reynolds. As for Vivica, she says the two haven’t spoken since Vivica told Lisa’s ex-husband some personal things about her that “friends” shouldn’t say.

Can’t wait to see this one.

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  • B'More

    who is lisa raye?

  • big mike wife

    Hollywoodd broads have more drama than hood chicks!

  • Pookie

    hahahha Lisa Raye, Wilhemina would have you for dinner so you better think twice and go back to playing with Al Sharpton’s hair

  • http://BOSSIP Damn D

    Messy Broads…..they r to old for that.

  • http://Bossip Anonymous

    No good deed goes unpunished; No matter how nice you are to people, sometimes it won’t be reciprocated. You are judged for how you treat people. Rise above and do something RELEVANT!!

  • 6 Figgas

    Some of these hollyhos love airin’ out their dirty-ass laundry. Money can’t buy class.

    But on some other sh*t, she’s prolly an extra-feisty freaky li’l thing behind closed doors…

  • chaka1

    Oh brother. Black celebrities have absolutely no shame. I am sick of them.

  • GoodKarma4Me

    So that’s why she is chilling with Lil Kim now. I know Vivica was her road dawg. Oh well….

  • C'mon Now

    I’m sure before its all over with, they’ll be three old broads fighting each other, tooth and nail, on the boob tube and on the internet – just one thing I have to say about this.
    “Lisa Raye, you stupid”

  • come on

    I was wondering why I have not seen lisaraye and viv together lately they were always always together, I hope they work it out though.

  • Silken Dove

    Lisaraye should already know to only have friends just as pretty as herself, or prettier.

    It’s a LAW.

  • Satin Doll

    So, what’s this reality show going to be called again? ‘Life in the Slow Lane’ with every B-lister out there and the biggest one, Lisa R. leading the pack? *Sigh*

  • Shaunicole

    This sounds very interesting.

  • who give's a damn about the drama that you hoes bring....


  • %#&?!!

    @ lisa raye

  • billie

    How much you want to bet this isn’t true?

  • happy to be alive

    I knew something was definitely wrong. I had mentioned that the circle was definitely not in tack. Where are your regular Bff’s when you need them. However, Lisaraye, you need to speak to a person that can really speak some type of sense into you! In other words, I know you are not that vain? You are stupid, but you are not that vain? As for Vivica and Star… Arseholes! for sure. Viv is doing her dirt in Canada, and as for Star, Who knows? A new Man….I don’t think he will be around to long…. He’s a user and not matter what she does, she is a beaver!

  • summerhill ga

    real ms gs walk in silence…if you don’t want them to know don’t tell…

  • resurrected

    Say what you got to say to them in private and then pick some new friend people are not obligated to be in your life it is always a choice and for some reason I don’t believe Lisa Ray to be the best kind of friend herself… I get so tried of people wanting things from other people that they never plan to give you back in return like the other woman… You want a good man but you have exuded a good and decent woman from the start now what kind of BS is that… I can’t stand one sided relationship and I cut them short with the quickness…

  • Debby

    Well, here we go again, do anything for ratings and it is always people of color fighting one another…. Can’t we all get along???? How can they teach our young ladies any class and they have none…That is why the youth say “I TOLD YOU”
    They have no Respect for the older ones and i don’t blame them when you have this behavior…
    When are we gonna wake up and stop supporting this kind of mess…….Atlanta housewives is a joke going to the bank…. even the college show was a mess, and ohhh neffy and her mom show,(they need help…Serious) and i can name more! What is this world coming to… Or have come to…Can we figure it out or correct it!!

  • Bombay3000

    Can you imagine her and Vivica going at it???? Compton and Chi-town??? I would love to see that!!!

  • Honey baby

    what day does the lisa raye show come on?

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