Make-Over Denial

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Estelle denies that receord label execs asked her her to soften up her “tomboy” steez:

[Estelle] was reportedly asked by chiefs at John Legend’s new label Homeschool Records to fix her teeth and alter her hair. But the star admits it was her choice to get braces for her teeth, insisting her label is impressed with her image. She says, ‘They know me. I came with a look. I came with my style and they were grateful. They were like, ‘Thank God we don’t got to worry about putting you in a pair of pants or giving you a weave.’ ‘I think because I got braces everyone said the label said it. I been trying to get braces since 2000 and I finally did it.”

We applaud her effort to step up her femininity, but perhaps we can suggest she wear that retainer a little while longer.


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  • Red

    I don’t care what she looks like…her music is banging!!!

  • so 510 bay


  • so 510 bay

    damn 4th any wayz whats new record labels change every1’s apperance

  • Mechelle

    yea it does @ Red

  • YoRapper

    That’s just the business.

  • rayrayischillin

    I am happy that she decided to get her teeth fixed. She looked like someone had hit her in the mouth with a bag of jagged rocks!

    Love her music though. 🙂

  • guilty pleasure

    “but perhaps we can suggest she wear that retainer a little while longer.”


    * LMAO *

  • Dimple Pink

    she looks cute in that brown dress

  • I'm Just Me

    I agree who really cares about this.

  • J Gats Juice

    she wore those braces for all of 4 days.. how much improvement can one expect???

  • bree

    @ Red, i was getting ready to say the same thing! KUDOS! 😛

  • MR

    Her grill is rough on the “American Boy” video, but I like her music regardless…

  • Pat

    Her music is the bomb but she’ll probably be wearing a weave by the second album. If she don’t sell out the door she will need to conform or be like lauryn hill and go AWOL.

  • glok9n

    Shez different and the music bizz need her, so yes fix her jacked up mouth and yes dress like a young lady and not like a fukking bloke!!!

  • Red

    She’s British…it’s not like the British are world renound for their great teeth! 😉 She brings it…that’s more than I can say for some of the artists with record deals out now…

  • Wenzel Dashington

    She wants to be the black Amy Winehouse or something. But my girl, Amy, is more ghetto than this check any day. 🙂

  • http://deleted Stripper Lai aka Cujo

    @ i’m just me

    you look old and used up. I bet u have two baby daddies and a clerical job. Ugly!!!

  • spinner22

    I thinks she is awesome i see grammy grammy for her in 2009 no doubts

  • dejavu1128 aka femmefatale


  • Pumpkin

    @Wenzel Washington, Im British and I know Amy is not ghetto. She might be a crazy, alcohol, drug addicted mad woman but shes not ghetto at all. Far far far from it in fact. Just because she sings “soul” music and is seen acting like a vagabond that doesnt make her ghetto. Anyway being ghetto is not an accomplishment, duh.

    Estelle is a very talented lady, shes come along way and I respect her for going to the states, pursuing her dreams and making great music.

  • kris

    I love her music. It’s messed up how these record labels will come down so hard on female artists about their looks,but not with the men. I mean how long was 50 Cent walking around with jacked up teeth before he got them fixed. I love Estelle’s voice and sound. Eventually all the female artists cave, I remember Beyonce saying she would never get surgery and she ended up getting a nose job and breast implants.

  • Why?

    Wow! What a naturally beautiful young woman. I hope they allow her to continue to evolve naturally and gracefully.

  • GGirlNYC

    Good for her… Those old pics look ROUGH. But like the other comments, I TRULY hope she doesn’t go to far with the weaves, trying to emulate Beyonce or whatever. Keep the flava!

  • arasiam

    she got smoker lips and fingers

  • lipstickslick

    she still has bad teeth… her latest video, her bottom set still looks kinda funky

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