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Indianapolis Brinks Truck Showers $600k Onto Busy Highway

According to NYDN, a local Brinks truck made an accidental charitable deposit to several rush-hour commuters last week, when the doors of the vehicle unexpectedly burst open and let money spill all over the highway.

The incident occurred around 9 a.m. last Wednesday on Interstate 70, located on the southwest side of the city. The money was stored in bags, many of which burst open upon hitting the pavement, sending cash flying all over the place. Onlookers report that the denominations were $20 bills or higher.

Naturally, several motorists who were in the path of the impromptu money shower refused to pass up on a blessing like that, and grabbed whatever cash they could quickly before driving off into the sunset.

Of course, police are now looking for motorists who took off with undetermined amounts of cash before state troopers arrived at the scene to clean up. Other snitches motorists reported four men in a white pickup truck taking off with an unbroken bag of money, while a school bus driver also pulled over to collect loose bills from the chaotic scene before pulling off. No word on if school children were on the bus at the time.

Police stress that keeping the cash amounts to felony theft, and say that those who turn it back in can do so with no questions asked. What would YOU have done if you were on the highway that morning?



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