Are You Feeling This Get Up??

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Diana Ross made her way to the Iron Man screening in NYC last night. She must’ve been expecting a flood. SMH at her kids letting her leave the house looking like a dolled up bag lady. More strange shots of Lady D and Terrence Howard arriving in his velveteen get-up below.

Check out Diana’s son Evan Ross and Jill Marie Jones at an LG Electronics party in Hollyweird under the hood…

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  • Get it right...

    the jacket maybe…dem boots, hellz nawl!

  • Kay

    OH my goodness!!!!! Diana looks as if she is starting to loose her mind!!

  • lil latte

    poor thing

  • Chokola

    Aside from the rain outfit… she gotta be one of the baddest 61 yr olds I’ve eveeer seen…

    side note? I know black don’t crack but is she knifed up?

  • amedat

    It was pouring here yesterday. Substance over style I guess. She’s old and not trying to catch a cold in her feet.

  • honeylicious

    What did she do to her face? I like the jacket but not the boots

  • ms meca

    she looks mentally crazy

    other then that she doesnt look bad to be 61yrs old

  • He's Presidential

    Something looks diff with her face??


    i see she’s using michael jackson’s skin doctor

  • I'm Just Me

    What is her deal?? I am not feeling her at all. People always made a big deal over “Lady D” but she was just never that pretty to me at all. I don’t know. And her daughter Tracee or whatever is following behind her in the Fug department. Anyhoo…she is a mess.

    Terrance is looking nice although I am not really feeling that coat.

  • http://ff Chokola

    @i’m just me…

    Tracy is not fugly!!! I love Joan OMG lol…. take it back.. lol… Joan is tooooo fllyyy

  • Southern Belle 225

    @i’m just me…I never thought she was good looking at all. But my mom always tells me how fabulous she used to be back in the day. I guess I’m not old enough to know about all that. But I do love Tracee Ellis Ross. I like her style and she has some gorgeous hair!

  • Afiya

    That would be a HELLL NAW…and “What Where You Thinking Diana”? Really…What?

    OH…I know…that’s your rain gear…okay…then that’s not too bad….but that jeweled purse should have been left at the surplus store.

    WAIT…Is that Diana or Mel B?

    *I’s confused*


    I absolutely love Diana Ross. She represents for the women singers of my era. She really looks damn good for someone in their 60’s. I only hope to look that good.

  • Replies

    Y’all need to quit!! THAT AIN’T EVEN MS ROSS!!! Somebody done lied to ya’ll! She been lookin rough lately, but not like no strange white lady!!!


    Diana is a superstar. but what in the hell happen to her face? she looks like a with woman


    correction she looks like a white woman

  • guilty pleasure

    Dayum! I thought it was Britney Spears!!!!!!!!

  • Necy


  • Re


    Hey, just go to and post your pic through there

  • Another day

    Ms Ross can do what ever she wants. i just like Diana. Her daughter Tracy is the same way

  • Re

    The jacket, maybe. The boots…maybe. The target style bag? Absolutely not. And the sad thing is it probably cost more than the expensive rent I pay for this apartment.

  • Suga Mo

    This is not Diana Ross, or atleast it doesn’t look like her at all. She is darker . This person is Michael Jackson and Tracy Ellis Ross’ love child.

  • beautiful b

    let me guess…is this boho-sheek too? we gonna give her a pass for being original?? instead asking her why she didnt take her medication?

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Co-sign w/ Aoki Lee!

    Diana looks amazing for her age! What is she, 88?

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