MTV Named the TOP 10 MC’s in the Game Right Now: AGREE or DISAGREE

- By Bossip Staff

MTV just dropped their list of the hottest MC’s in the game right now. The list makes sense if you go by who’s hot and who’s not but still there are some people on this list that we don’t agree with…

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  • lani3000

    not bad, Is NAS not in the game?

  • lani3000


  • B'More

    Raekwon is the only legitimate name on that list. everyone else is too damn commercial and hollywood to be considered an MC.

  • dayg715

    Nas is not on the list, so this automatically makes it irrelevant BS.

  • gina

    drake? are they serious?

  • Pookie

    It goes to show down the hill hip-hop has gone if these are the top 10.

    Even Jay-Z, who is at the top of this list, lyrics is bullcrap at the moment…he just doing it for leasure now as his heart aint in it no-more.

  • Pookie

    Am sure my granfather age 78 would make the list if he made a hip-hop record.
    Well, there’s always next year G-Pops.

  • LoveT

    GUCCI! LOL. I can agree with the list but not in that order. And I’d have to add a couple of names…make it Hip Hop Top 15. They do base a LOT of the voting off of current status in the game w/ records, mixtapes and commercial appeal

  • new or[l)eans..!

    first of all…i think drake should be number 2 because he flow is running like a slit wrist..his is up there…but not better then jay z…i mean the blueprint is the stuff..

  • Keepin it 100%

    If the list is “Hottest” where is Solja boy??? he has a huge buzz and gets tons of airplay.. key word hotest not best

  • Roe

    WTF! this list is Bullshit! Drake has been around for 20mins never should he be on the damn list! Were’s Nas and T.I. r they f***n serious!

  • Roe

    And Eminem should be on the list b 4 fifty. Who cares what hes doing over there in New York what is he doing globally right now. BS this list is BS.

  • Tara Bomb

    B’more, WORD!!!!!!! \o/

  • Roe

    @ Keeping it 100%. U need to b slapped thinking Soulja Boy belongs on the list. U must be a kid. LOL!

  • KB

    Do people listen to lyrics anymore, I guess not since Gucci made the list….not only did he make the list but he’s above Fab & Jeezy….CHILD PLEASE!!

  • http://bossip Herbnino

    Jay-Z is not as consistant as Lil Wayne hands down,come on, yes Jay stood the test of time, but not nowhere near consistant buddy

  • melo

    Disrespectful…Gucci Mane? Jeezy? Drake? Kanye…MTV wouldn’t know hip hop if it ran up on them and popped a cap in their corporate, capitalist azzes!!!

  • Eva Montego

    Whatever MTV…..Kanye is #1 and how can you have a list without Nas and TI?

  • Lys

    Where is Nas, Eminem, Luda ???? I’m jus sayin…..

  • melo

    This would have been suitable had they called it a popularity contest.

  • jodeci78

    WHERE IS ANDRE 3000?

  • SiDeWayZ

    Fabolous should not be onlist and Jay Z should not be number 1. Drake is also rated too high as that nucca doesn’t have an official album out. I’m glad they showed my boi Gucci some luv tho…Burrrrr yeahhhhh!!! Gucci mane la flare!!!

  • 1987

    anyone who has ever used autotune should not be on this list….i guess that eliminates about half of these “artists” smh

  • Anon E Mouse

    The list should have been for the top 7. I think we can drop the last 3.

  • Treetop


    Lil Wayne
    Andre 3k
    Rick Ross

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