Auntie Maxine Waters Successfully Sears Coagulated Cream Congressman Spewing MAGA Malarkey

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Maxine Waters Shuts Down Rep. Mike Kelly

A malevolent MAGA who dared to spew deplorable dribble around (Auntie) Maxine Waters got his unseasoned feelings fricasseed by our Congressional Queen.
Maxine recently successfully seared Rep. Mike Kelly Pennsylvania (R) who tried to tell her to stop speaking on discrimination during a discussion
about the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection’s 2013 auto lending guidance.

The guidance centered around discrimination in auto lending and was (of course) reversed by Republicans. And while debating on the topic, six follicles having musty MAGA Mike Kelly tried to shun Maxine for speaking on discrimination.

“We’re trying to make America great every day and every way and the best way to do that is to stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation,” said Kelly. We’re coming together as a people in spite of what you say.”

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Waters then quickly clapped back and eloquently eviscerated him for daring to speak to her in that way.

“I want you to know that I am more offended as an African-American woman than you will ever be. And this business about making America great again, it is your president that’s dividing this country and don’t talk to me about the fact that we don’t understand…”

In other words, take your Tilted Toupee Tyrant ideologies elsewhere, sis!

Republican chair Tom McClintock then tried to silence Auntie Maxine and she snapped and reclaimed her time.

“No, I will not yield, no I will not yield. Don’t tell me we don’t understand, that’s the attitude given toward women time and time again.

“You did not interrupt [Kelly] when he was making those making those outrageous remarks about him knowing more about discrimination than I know about discrimination. I resent that, and I resent the talk about making America great again.

He’s down here making a speech [about] this dishonorable president of the United States of America… and no I don’t yield (to Kelly), not one second to you. Not one second. Not one second to you.”

What’s that musty mayo, men? HOW BOUT FACTS.

We love seeing Maxine speak up for herself and people in this country who can clearly see the blatant bigotry going on.

She will NOT be silenced and we’ll be here to back her.

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