Quote of The Day: “… Jesus Can’t Save You, Life Starts When the Church Ends”

- By Bossip Staff

People have been running around singing Empire State of Mind for the last month, reciting the lyrics. One of the bars stands out to us more than others and Jay-Z needs to explain what this means:

Hail Mary to the city you’re a Virgin, and Jesus can’t save you, life starts when the church ends.

It sounds like he is against church and religion… Jay, explain this lyric!

Here’s Jay-Z at the Yankees game yesterday getting his Urkel on. He was sitting next to Kate Hudson, A. Rod’s latest and alleged knocked up deal.

Thanks Kelly

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  • http://monique.lamar@yahoo.com NY_SECRET

    number 1

  • http://monique.lamar@yahoo.com NY_SECRET

    wow i did it lol

  • Red

    He may be getting a bit ahead of himself here. The man above is off limits Jay… Don’t cut your blessings buddy.

  • Oh Well...

    he doesn’t have to explain anything…he’s speaking the truth. Jesus, the bible, church…it’s all there to control weak minded people who need someone or something to defer life’s responsibilities to.

  • say-it-loud!

    He ain’t lied. where was jesus doing katrina?

    jesus can’t save you, only you can save you

  • Nikko

    If you don’t understand the meaning of that, you’re an idiot and need to read more.

  • Jay the Real One

    Love the song, meh to the lyric. In my mind I humn “only Jesus can save you, life starts with churching”. Do you.

  • A Drop of Wisdom

    He gonna find out just how real Jesus is before it’s all said and done…no need to argue with a fool or try and understand what they mean.

  • boston blackie...

    does not sound like that at all. what are you, RETAHDED !!!

  • say-it-loud!

    I am waiting to meet jesus, cuz i’ll put power in my hands and slap the hell out of him like they do in those hollering churches, and ask him where the hell he been?

    if he were my employee i would have fired him by now

  • AA

    AM i the only one who thinks JAY is super BOMB…. ?

  • Pookie

    What is Beyonce gon say to him since she cant say a sentence without mentioning how great God/Jesus has been to her.

    Its obvious that Jay got more money than sense.

  • Kierah

    He is reading a whole bunch “spiritual” books right now (per his interview with Oprah) and not getting into his Bible. No wonder Oprah had him on her show because she thinks the same way. God is not to be mocked and I’d hate to see how He shows them His power.

  • lala land

    If anyone wud listen to the ENTIRE verse, they wud understand the context of that line, read people, read.

  • http://comcast KaY

    Jesus is a spiritual version of a hustla!!!!!

  • Felixxx

    why do some christians think every black person is suppose to be a christian? it’s not that hard to figure out what he’s saying. you have to help yourself before you can get help.

  • The Real Black Hannibal

    who cares again?

  • mzthay

    yea he needs to explain himself—or else…i will no longer be a jay-z fan..

  • say-it-loud!


    the only person blessing Jay is Jay. why are black folks always trying to give other people’s hard work and effort to jesus?

    @always and forever,

    what makes you don’t i have hatred in my heart for saying jesus don’t save shyt? what about all the other people who don’t beleive the jesus mythology? i guess they too have hatre in their hearts?

  • http://www.freewebs.com/bestsexever redcora


  • charlieblanko

    @ Kay…what??????!!!

  • Oh Well...

    @Always and forever,

    I don’t have hate in my heart, I have logic in my head. I don’t believe in the god that is described in the bible, the koran, the tora…any of it. I don’t mean to offend you or disregard your beliefs, I just don’t share your beliefs, that’s all.

  • Hummm

    He knows what he meant and if it was anything to mock the Father’s Son he shall reap what he sow….PERIOD!

  • Vee

    JESUS is the truth,the life and the way. HE is coming back to this world to judge and save us who love HIM. Jay-Z doesn’t know better. JESUS died for all our sins, but you must confess Him and believe before you wind up in HELL!!!

  • da4seentruth


    Negros need to stop praying to a white man.

    Christianity, and Catholic religion.

    THOSE r WHITE MAN RELIGIONS. I cant accept or believe what most of them think.

    I believe in God. I go to church when my girl forces me, but i don’t believe in all the Mumbo Jumbo.

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