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Eve Speaks On Alcohol And Prescription Pill Abuse

Eve is speaking on a so-called “dark period” in her life where she abused alcohol and prescription pain pills.

Earlier this week Willow Smith revealed on her mother Jada Pinkett’s Red Table Talk show that she started cutting herself after the success of “Whip My Hair” and fell into a “black hole” of depression.

Willow’s confession apparently tugged on the heartstrings of Eve because on the latest episode of CBS’ The Talk she admitted that she too went through a dark period.

According to Eve, after her show was canceled and after dealing with a toxic relationship, she “self-harmed” by drinking excessively and popping Xanax. If you can remember, her UPN show “Eve” was canceled in 2006.

“At a point in my life, I’d gone through, like [Willow] says, a dark hole. I call it my dark hole period. My dark period,” she said. “I was out of a toxic relationship, I didn’t have a TV show, I didn’t have a record deal. I was just kind of like, ‘What is happening to my life?’ So I started drinking. A lot. I started drinking and drinking and drinking because I didn’t want to deal with my emotions. I didn’t have anybody to really talk to. I was even popping Xanax and drinking to numb my pain. And at the time that I was in it, I didn’t see that I was harming myself. I just felt like I was coping but I really wasn’t. You think of harming yourself as cutting, but drinking and drugs is exactly the same thing in many ways.”

Eve also added that she got a wake-up call in the form of a DUI. In 2007 Eve was charged with a DUI after she crashed into a cement divider.

“It took my DUI to wake me up,” said Eve. “[I] was able to get healthy. I prayed myself through it.”

Kudos to Eve for bravely speaking on this subject, we appreciate her candor.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images



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