Exclusive: “Claws” Stars Chat With Bossip At Our Private Screenings In ATL, H-Town & D.C.

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“Claws” Season 2 Airs June 10 On TNT

The stars of the new season of “Claws” on TNT said it’s going to be a rough ride through the trials and tribulations of a close-knit group of manicurists.

“Claws” tells the story of the drama surrounding a central Florida nail shop, where money laundering, drug dealing, cheating and both the Dixie and Russian mafias are all in a days work.

BOSSIP was the premiere’s media sponsor of the three screenings this past Sunday in DC, Atlanta & Houston.

In DC:

       Mike James (DC)

Tran and Perrineau attended at the Regal Cinemas 14 in Washington D.C., where “Real Housewives of Potomac’s” Gizelle Bryant was also in attendance.

And two of its stars, Harold Perrineau, who plays “Dean,” and Karrueche Tran, who plays “Virginia” told BOSSIP what viewers can expect from the new season of TNT’s dark comedy.

“There’s so much that is going on, but we can’t say much,” Karrueche told us. “If you’ve seen season one, it’s crazy. Season two is times 100 and with Virginia, you still see more layers being pulled back of who she is, her struggles. You see this wonderful relationship develop between her and Dean, and more situations and life-changing moments for them…we go through some real s**t.”

      Mike James (DC)

“We have all these great characters who are flawed, but great,” Perrineau said, “and you get to see all of that in this crazy, crazy world.”

If you watched last season, Tran’s Virginia finds out she’s pregnant, and Tran said we’ll get to learn more about her “hot mess” role.

“Virginia is a hot mess,” Karrueche said of her ex-stripper character. “I think what’s lovable about her is that you see her journey. You see her having to make certain life choices. And I think I pull a lot of that from Karrueche, this fight to survive when things hit the fan, and you’ve gotta figure life out and put your big girl panties on.”

In Atlanta:

Niecy Nash’s claws are out and ready for the sophomore season of her hit show. The star of “CLAWS” on TNT recently attended a sneak preview for new season in Atlanta where stars and guests were given an exclusive first look at the always twisted, always explosive life of Manatee County Nail Artisan/all-around boss b*tch Desna Simms.

According to Niecy the new season will be just as exciting as the first especially considering that Desna’s leaning into a dangerous new position.

“I have a new mentor this season, ” said Nash to Bossip. “She is really giving me a Baptism in what means to be a Queen Pin in the mafia. I think season 1 I was tring to get out, season 2 I’m leaning in.”

Not only did Niecy gushed over the opportunity to play a THICK jumpsuit filling-out black woman who has an active sex life (yes, those steamy smithereens smashing scenes are back for season 2) and natural hair, but it’s not lost on this veteran actress that representation truly matters.

“I love playing Desna. She is so many women that I know, on the south side of 40, no kids, no man to speak of. SHE’S SO THICK, I can’t breathe after the end of the day wearing those jumpsuits. She’s complicated, flawed, sexy and real. I love that you get to see her making love on television, we don’t always get to see us that way.”

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She also told Bossip all about working with Karrueche whose blossomed into a standout in her role as Virginia, the ghetto adjacent, gaudy garb wearing nail tech who develops an unforeseen romance with Desna’s autistic brother Dean.

Karrueche easily brings Virginia to life and previously admitted to modeling her character after salient strippers in Atlanta.

“She’s the most annoying person I’ve ever met in my life,” said Niecy jokingly about Karrueche. “I love her I guess, she is super annoying but in spite of that I think she’s doing a great job playing Virginia. To just be dropped off in the middle of this particular cast that is so seasoned. She is absolutely holding her own.”

Following our chat on the carpet, Bossip joined guests in watching the first episode of the new season and enjoyed a Q& A with the cast moderated by radio personality Maria More.

Meanwhile in Houston:

On Saturday, TNT and Bossip hosted sneak previews of the second season of the hit dramedy CLAWS in Houston at the Edwards Greenway IMAX Theater. Cast members in attendance were Judy Reyes, Jenn Lyon, Dean Norris and Kevin Rankin in Houston.

I caught Jenn Lyon on the red carpet before the screening and she explained had the best time at Karruche’s #Dirty30 birthday party.

“We’re so excited now that she’s finally 30. She grown now!”

In Houston, guests watched the first episode of the new season and enjoyed a Q&A with the cast moderated by social media personality Spoiled Latina where Dean J. Norris explains how he and his real life #ClawsTNT character #Uncle Daddy are:

“exactly alike….. in fact, ….. I have to tone my s#%t down to be Uncle Daddy!”

Judy Reyes says she’s received the most positive feedback from the LGBTQ community for her role as Quiet Ann on Claws.

Kevin Rankin & Jenn Lyon after that their Claws marriage goes through a major rough patch this season,

“it’s not well in the beginning, says Kevin Rankin. “It’s tough being sober, and dealing w/ the hardest things you’ve ever been through like infidelity & raising 2 small children.” Jenn continues that she wants to see the unhappy couple get a little action this season, “I wouldn’t mind killing a MF together, as a couple, maybe burying them in a funny way, do a little something on the grave, you know…… ‘cause that unites you. We gotta lotta stuff planned this season. Keep watching”

Season 2 of CLAWS premieres Sunday, June 10 at 9/8c on TNT. For more information, visit http://www.tntdrama.com/shows/claws.

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