Kim From RHOA: “I’m Not a Home Wrecker Because My Husband Did it to Me”

- By Bossip Staff

In a recent interview, Kim Zolciak discusses the death of Kandi’s ex-fiance A.J. and her break-up with “Big Papa”…

ESSENCE.COM: So what’s the scoop? Are you or aren’t you still engaged to Big Papa?
ZOLCIAK: I am not engaged to Big Papa! I got a commitment ring last year and so when I got this new ring, I was led to believe that his divorce was final. Who gives someone a massive rock and makes this commitment if he wasn’t serious? I found out that I was still on the same merry-go-round. If there is one thing I have discovered about myself from doing this show it is that I’m just far too trusting. I’m actually dating someone new and I’m extremely happy. He’s my age, from California and cute as a button. I gave Papa almost four years of my life, so now I’m just trying to move on.

ESSENCE.COM: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from that experience?
ZOLCIAK: I need to learn not to take everything at face value. I believe everything that people tell me. I wanted to believe that he was going through the steps for us to be together. I’m not a home wrecker because my husband did it to me. I would never intentionally do that to someone. I was planning my future and so excited because he was the love of my life. But as time went on, I started to wonder, why is this taking so long? I realized that I needed to really sit down and figure this out.

ESSENCE.COM: So there’s no chance you two will reconcile?
ZOLCIAK: I will never go back. When I’m done, I’m done. I have no desire to have anything further with him.

ESSENCE.COM: How is Kandi doing? Have you spoken to her?
KIM ZOLCIAK: I spoke with her mom and texted her just to let her know I’m here. I was one of the first to find out and I called the other ladies. Everybody has been fantastic but it’s unfortunate that it takes a tragedy to bring us all together. We were able to put all our stuff on the back burner and come together for Kandi. It’s not something that I ever thought would happen, no matter how tragic the situation.

ESSENCE.COM: What was your interaction with A.J like?
ZOLCIAK: He actually called me last week and I never called him back, which sucks. I adored him. He was such a great guy. He was actually with Big Papa the night I got engaged. I hated that people have this bad impression of him because he had so many children. He was a great father and he was great with Riley [Kandi’s 7-year-old daughter] and he loved Kandi.

SMH. Uhhh, if you date a married man and you KNOW he’s married, then that certifies you has a home wrecker, sweetie. This broad knows she would hop right back on Big Papa’s d*ck at any given moment.


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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • Cause I Said So.....That's Why!


  • Cause I Said So.....That's Why!

    Awwww, Shaddup will you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Re

    I know everyone hates her, but for some reason I like this chick, no matter how delusional.

    I just don’t like how she used Kandi.

  • B

    If anyone saw the way Poppa lives in that would be the first indication his wife aint going no where. It does seem like you can tell Kim anything and she’d believe it but his money was probably speaking so volumes so she couldnt hear nothing else. Pretty sure her new man is paid too which will make the ladies hate her even more in season 3. Seem like Kandi found her out though.

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983

    People that bounce from relationship to relationship like this without time to heal have super low self-esteem and just because someone does something to you, doesn’t make it right for you to do it to another. Two wrongs don’t make a right Kim.

  • Plain Jane

    @Re-Kim seems like she’d be a cool person to hang and party with. A person would have to be really careful with her because she IS a user, though. She used Dallas Austin and then they got into it on Twitter, then she used Kandi-look what happened with that! I’d have to keep a person like her at a distance…

  • Anon3

    clueless and dillusional…she gave him 4 years and it just dawned on her that he wasn’t going to get a divorce…..come one…..and she’s not a homewrecker…puuhhhlease….she said 2 or 3 episodes ago that she didn’t mind being with a married man because it was only a piece a paper (meaning the marriage certificate)…….typically men who are supposedly getting divorced are lying because they are looking for a good time…Kim was Big Poppa’s good time….I could have told her that even if he did get a divorce he would not have married her because she is not wife material

  • resurrected

    She sounds like a fool, so everything that gets done to you in life you have the right to do it to someone else… I would never want to be her friend because karma will follow this b***c everywhere that she goes… Hey that goes that white b****h that pluck my man and now you are in a fight because you are hanging around with this woman… Not thanks I will pass…

  • Laliya

    does anybody know who the big papa dude really is?

  • resurrected

    This is what trips me out about homewrecker or jumpoff whatever you want to call them they are always trying to act like what they are doing does not have a name… When you fit the definition of a word to the tee then mostly likely you are what it is defining… Stop thinking you can get something for nothing even if it is a bad reputation… You action are considered to be categorized in some type of word or definition, so stop getting mad when people call you names because your actions speak for themselves…If you don’t like it then hey try something different with a more positive out look on shit…

  • Stop it!!!!

    @ Hannibal.
    If you really believed that, you would not need to say it over and over. Humor me more. Why waste your time even posting, when you make a fool of yourself every time. Oh, and no need to post because I won’t be back to read your foolishness.

  • NessaKaye

    People shouldn’t judge her too much Ms Alicia Keyes is doing the same damn thang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • resurrected



    First of all you exclude yourself and all God creation are beautiful in his eyes and at this point I am going to stop listen to black men because Hannibal you are apart of that race as well…

    I am so glad that God gives us all our own confidence because if we had to listen to men who would think that we are nothing just like they act like we are nothing… I am just so glad that my confidence some from something higher than man…



  • resurrected

    Lady K

    Hey to me a homewrecker is a homewrecker and they get no cut cards from me… It like we want to believe BS and men know that so they tell you want you want to here for the moment… IF she spend as much time on her grind as she did with other people husband she would be better off right now, but that is too much like right…

  • rose by any other name

    She knew he was married when she started with him, come 4 years she was enjoying all that $$$. now she sees that was just a jump-off and a gold digger so they come in all colors.. just know that~!!!!

  • Another day

    Karma will bite her right in the face its just that simple no woman on the face of this earth could possibly think life will be kind to them for interferring in someone else’s marriage. Kim showed herself (for once w/out the others putting her on blast) at the alter ego party with that damsel in distress move she pulled after twisting her leg. She gets some kind of hell of a child support and alimony payment each month and her Big Poppa money is fun in the sun money.(money always follow money and she plays it big like she is used to having it. she didnt acquire all that taste in just 3/4 years, This thing about her being a nurse and waitress – she must mean those were her uniforms, she lacks the the patience or empathy to attend to another human being, she couldnt even focus on a hour class to curl a wig how could she go all the way through a nursing course? I dont feel bad for kandi because she gave her a chance, pretty sure she got paid it was not just a favor and Poppa probably greezed her and Vito down for occupying her time while he worked on his marriage and other woman.

  • rose by any other name

    Come on the woman (Kim) is one l;azy heifer, she dont even seen like she wants to take care of her own kids> The skank had a black nanny raising her kids, she couldnt even make the girl stop eating cupcakes she had to let the black nanny chastise her~~! What a shame that Tiffany shopping heifer needs to get a life and her kids are probably going to be just like her~!!

  • bk

    You just know her help be doggin her out, talkin all her business and are jealous as hell of her most likely skimming from the stash because the one taking pictures of her while she was trying on jewelry at her house- looked disgusted not to mention busted! ^ and her daughter is one cupcake short of poppin!

  • Lady K

    true that, resurrected, true that…

  • Alrighty Then...

    @Lady K – I concur w/ u and resurrected – all of them are in the same boat to me as well.

  • Just Sayin

    ^ yup we all know the ones like her that are much fun but to invite them in your house and around your man is a negative! If you entertain one of them and their ho follies all you doing is opening up the door for her to come try your man. DONT DO IT, leave them right there, any woman that messes with someone elses man under any circumstances cannot be trusted, she got ZERO morals and ZERO respect.

  • MissDimes

    She’s delusional, and I LOVE every second of laughing at it.

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