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Vince Staples Weighs In On The “N-Word” Conversation…Kinda

This past weekend, a video surfaced of white fan confidently rapping the N-word on stage with Kendrick Lamar.

This video has most people talking about just how dumb this girl is, but for some reason, it also has a certain crowd responding by saying that rappers shouldn’t put that word in their music to begin with. The people over at Variety even published a piece on Tuesday about “Why Rap Should Retire the N-Word for Good.”

Vince Staples caught wind of the conversation and this article in particular, and his response makes it pretty clear that he’s not on board with rappers censoring themselves for white people’s comfortability.

He followed that up by saying that he hates the conversation about who can say the word as a whole, which of course, caused people to discuss exactly that in his mentions.

Staples has his stance set on the conversation, and the writer of the Variety article–even though he doesn’t seem to have a Twitter account–is getting appropriately flamed on Twitter.

When all else fails, we can always count on Vince for some good commentary.




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