Umbrella Slingin’ Shade: Monique Samuels Explains Almost Choking Robyn Dixon On #RHOP

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Protect ya neck…

Monique Samuels Speaks On Robyn Dixon Altercation On RHOP

Monique Samuels is recapping the last episode of “Real Housewives Of Potomac” where she slang an umbrella in Robyn Dixon’s face and threatened to choke her with it.

As previously reported after at first feuding with Ashley Darby over insinuations that she had a drunk driving accident after downing four martinis, Monique set her sights on Robyn Dixon during a “Mean Girls” showdown with “Pinky and The Brain” a.k.a. Robyn and her fellow “green-eyed bandit” Gizelle Bryant.

Moniqe then told Robyn to “get in her face”—-and she did.

Robyn Dixon: “Now you’re gonna take it out on me but I don’t care—at all.”

Monique Samuels: “Then these two green-eyed bandits, Pinky and The Brain over here…”

Robyn Dixon: “Shut up!”

Monique Samuels: “Get in my face and say that. Back up out my face before I choke you out with this umbrella!”

Now Monique’s” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”> BravoTV why she was so livid—it was because Robyn’s shade came out of nowhere.

“When I had the clash with Robyn, it really came out of nowhere,” said Monique. “She kept making smart side remarks and it totally pissed me off. The situation I wanted to address was with Ashley, but I did point out the fact that Robyn and her “Fake concern” also fueled this whole “blame it on the alcohol” movement. I was so upset that I totally lost my cool and it took everything in me not to lose it. Even through my anger, I still had to think like a businesswoman. She’s not worth losing everything I’ve built.”

As for Robyn, she’s not backing down on her decision to get in Monique’s face but she doesn’t understand why she was singled out. According to Robyn she was “genuinely concerned” for Monique.

Via BravoTV:

“I had to watch this scene a few times to try to understand how and why I became involved in it and I honestly still don’t know the answer. I’m not sure how my genuine concern about Monique and her car crash turned into something to be angry about. Nobody was criticizing, chastising, or vilifying Monique about her drinking, we just didn’t want the same thing to happen again.

It was so ridiculous for Monique to all of a sudden play victim as if I had bad intentions and was trying to hurt her. At that point, I could not take one word she was saying seriously. Listening to her ramble on about the “Green-Eyed Bandits”, “mean girls” and “Pinky and the Brain” really made it more and more clear that Monique’s issue is with the messenger, not necessarily the message.

I absolutely did not attend Karen’s event with the intention of getting into an argument or confrontation but unfortunately whatever inner beef, hatred, and obsession Monique has with me and Gizelle got the best of her. And did Mighty Mouth think I’d be intimidated by her? Hilarious. “Get in my face and say that and see what happens.” Ask and you shall receive.

This season of “Real Housewives Of Potomac” is super messy——have YOU been watching???

Monique also had some words for Ashley Darby; “Ashley needs to stop placing her own issues onto other people,” said Monique. Tell us about your feelings about Ashley Darby saying you were drunk and that you had thrown up in the bushes – overall what do you think about her concern about your drinking?

MS: Ashley’s rendition of the whole “vomiting in the bushes story” was just another part of her marathon of lies. First off, I never had additional wine at the hot tub because someone knocked my glass over and spilled the contents. I corked the entire bottle and proceeded to smoke my cigar and show the ladies how to light it properly. Between the heat of the hot tub and me accidentally inhaling the cigar during my “lesson,” it caused me to vomit. Although it was a rookie mistake on my part, any cigar smoker knows what happens if you inhale it. No one actually saw me vomit.

I volunteered the information when I asked them to pass me a bottle of water to rinse my mouth. Ashley is determined to make me out to be an alcoholic and I’m beginning to think she’s throwing dirt on me to keep the attention off of her own increase in consumption. I’ve never abused any substances in my life. I don’t handle my problems that way. Ashley needs to stop placing her own issues onto other people. She did it toRobyn Dixon last year and now she’s doing it to me.

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