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Rymir Satterthwaite Accuses “Father” Jay-Z’s Of Abusing Legal System To Avoid DNA Test

Rymir Satterthwaite, 24, tells The Sun that ever since his mom told him Jay-Z was his dad, he’s been trying to reach him for a paternity test. But for eight years, Jay-z has been using his fame and wealth to avoid the courts.

Poor Rymir says enough is enough. He’s heading back to court this fall, in a legal battle against his own lawyers – accusing them of colluding with the rapper’s legal team to help him get out of taking the test.

“This has become about more than just Jay-Z and the paternity test – it’s about people being fairly treated by the legal system no matter how much money they have.”

The most recent lawsuit, filed in Philadelphia and seen by Sun Online, claims that one attorney they hired was actually “best friends and neighbours” with Jay-Z’s lawyer.

It claims that Jay-Z’s attorney made Wanda sign legal papers while she was in hospital recovering from a medicated coma which replaced Lillie’s name on the petition – without consent – and for “nefarious reasons”.

The name change, done while Wanda was “in distress” and thinking she was doing the right thing for her son, caused the case to be thrown out.

Whoa!! And Rymir explained to The Sun that his mama wouldn’t lie about something “like this”. Rymir’s mom, Wanda says she initially hooked up with Jay-Z aka “Rock” at his aunt’s house in Brooklyn after they met in Philadelphia, and aside from a visit from him two weeks after, she never spoke to him again. Cold blooded.

Wanda did have her boyfriend’s name at the time on Rymir’s birth certificate in order to collect public aid, but in 2011 courts found out that guy was NOT his biological dad. So that only (allegedly) leaves Jay-z…

Yikes! When this story first surfaced, folks thought this kid was being nefarious– but since then, Jigga has admitted to being a dirty dog on 4:44, maybe there’s something there? Hopefully Jay will just sit down and get this taken care of, do you think he should volunteer and get it over with???



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