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Ayesha Curry Got Into It With A Rockets Fan After Game 5 Loss

It looks like Ayesha Curry got into a kerfuffle with a Rockets fan after the Warriors’ Game 5 loss last night in Houston.

According to her series of tweets, Ayesha is saying that a Houston fan bumped her on her 8-month pregnant belly, then proceeded to taunt her with his phone. The video was posted on Twitter, and you can hear the Rockets fan talking ish about both Steph Curry’s wife and father.

According to Ayesha, the situation started after the man came up to her and said “doesn’t losing feel like getting punch in the gut?” And the pregnant mama got even more upset that the video was posted on social media.  She wrote, ”The fact you have the audacity to post this after this man bumped me in my 8 month pregnant belly asking and I quote ‘doesn’t losing feel like getting punched in the gut?’ And continued to follow me and taunt me with his camera is beyond me…but ‘This is America’ right.”

She continued to tweet a few more times replying to fans, but got fed up pretty quickly. Though there was the video snippet posted online, Ayesha says that she wishes the whole interaction was caught so she wouldn’t be so misunderstood.

The Houston fan in question then replied to the allegations, also on Twitter. He wrote a lengthy note explaining that first and foremost, he didn’t know Ayesha was pregnant because he doesn’t keep up with The Warriors or Steph Curry. The fan, Jose, says that he apologized to the Warriors fans immediately after realizing it was actually Steph’s family, and insists he never touched Ayesha or her pregnant belly.

Trash talking is pretty common at NBA games–especially at the finals, but if that fan really did touch Ayesha’s pregnant belly he’s most definitely wrong for that.

Do you think the fan was wrong for talking ish against Steph’s family in the first place? And was Ayesha justified in throwing the cigarette back into the Houston fan’s face?




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