Jesus Take The Wheel

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There is some serious insanity going on in Austria:

“Three children freed from a cellar in which their mother had been imprisoned and raped by her own father for 24 years had never seen daylight, police have confirmed. Police spokesman Franz Polzer [said] that 73-year-old Josef Fritzl admitted holding his daughter, Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, hostage in the windowless cell and fathering seven children by her. The main question reverberating from the small Austrian town: How could a man keep his daughter locked in his basement for 24 years, where she gave birth to seven of his children while her mother and three of those children lived upstairs without an inkling of the horrors in the cellar?”

Are we to believe that his wife didn’t know what was going on in the basement for all those years? This is some truly disturbing ish. Damn, this guy looks hella devlish too.


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  • elle

    sick bastard…I read about this yesterday…sick mutha chucka….

  • bee

    This story is so scary on so many different levels that I just don’t know what too say.

  • Yep Yep

    This is sick and the wife is a damn lie.

    Anyway, this guy looked a man who played the devil or some evil character in a movie years ago…Can’t remember the name of the movie…But yes indeed he does look evil…

  • guilty pleasure

    This is SICK! Put his azz under the jail

  • SMDH

    Photoshop in action again. I know this was a black man who did this evil! No way did a white man do this. It’s amazing what they can do with computer graphics! Black man doing wrong again!

  • I'm Just Me

    The wife knew something! WTF?? How could you allow someone to do this to your children? This is a daxn shame. I am sorry for this girl. 7 kids and no one knew. She needs medical attention stat. Shyt…she needs a lot stat!

  • Shootingstar

    GTFOH! The wife had to know. Plus, he came home 3 seperate times with babies. An idiot would have at least wondered where the babies came from.

  • Ash

    this is some scary ish,yo….

  • http://YAHOO Redd Da Revolutionary

    the world is coming to an end I’m convinced

  • bree

    ..lmao omg i’m thinking about Chiba from Miss Rap Supreme calling Byata the white devil..bwahaha..

    ok the topic at hand..clearly this man & his wife are sick and in need of some serious psychiatric help..the whole family for that matter..sleeping with your father and having his children is SICK!

  • Brie

    sick twisted son of a…

  • joe don

    Austria or WEST VIRIGINA

  • Missy

    **gagging** Good Lord!!!

    The day of judgement is near and everybody will have to answer to the Lord for their actions.


    This is disgusting. My prayers go out to the family. I hope one day they come overcome this demonic tragedy. What is wrong w/ white men? If they aren’t the devil who is?

  • Missy

    Umph, people are turning sex into heinous acts. It’s suppose to be a beautiful thing, but now….man, I don’t know. It’s just messed up.

  • SMDH

    See how the black man will do his OWN daughter?!?! I think it’s disgusting too!

  • ATLBlogger

    I heard this story and this ish is awful. he had them LOCKED n a cellar, I’m surprise that only one person died and that noone attempted to committ suicide. Better yet, I’ma need for the police to investigate his wife a lil bit more.. “Cuz i’m just having a hard time believeing that she didn’t know this mess exist.

  • SMDH

    The black man always trying to lock someone up in the cellar!

  • Anywhoo

    From the country that gave the world Hitler — whose own father married his half-cousin and who himself had an affair with his niece.

    Something is rotten in Austria.

    This story overshadows anything played up in the media about black folks.

  • OneLove

    apparently the guy had everyone convinced that the daughter (who he’d allegedly been abusing since she was 11 yrs. old) ran away to join a sect. she actually did try to run away. twice. after the 2nd time he drugged her and put her into the sound-proof dungeon he had in the basement. each time a baby was born, he would force her to write a note stating that she was not able to care for the child, and asking her parents to accept/adopt it.

    @bree: this woman was not VOLUNTARILY sleeping with her father. SHE is not the criminal here, HE IS!

    @anywhoo: white or black – this is a shocking and terrible story. hitler. idi amin. josef fritzl. robert mugabe. NO ONE should have to experience an ordeal like this.

  • OneLove

    btw: apparently in his confession to the police he admitted to having sex with his daughter, but stated he never forced her.

    yea, right! like she was waiting for him in a perfumed negligee with a bottle of bubbly at your neighborhood motel 6….NOT!

  • chewy

    This is pretty bad.

  • bree


    did i say she was a criminal? i called it sick

  • Darth Paul

    I wish I could say I was surprised. that same country produced Hitler…devil SUPREME!



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