A Red Bull, Red Dress, Red Cheeks & A Pimp

- By Bossip Staff

We want to see if your Hollyweird swirl-gossip radar is as bright as you think. This is underwear model, Cora Skinner. Who is Skinner given her cherry too?

Pop the top to see if you are up to date with this swirl.

It’s your boy, Evan Ross.

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  • I AM LEGEND (A Wise Man Told Mont Argue With Fools)

    who is the dude?

  • http://i-got-my-vans-on.blogspot.com/ check out my fashion bl0g

    i knew it was his gay ass



  • nikki_hates LAME BOSSIP

    who cares
    he a lame kid
    gon grow up a lame man
    with bug eyes

  • nikki_hates LAME BOSSIP

    i noticed he’s wearing construction boots
    i guess it’s his hobo swag

  • http://www.jbeazantq.com JBeaz

    Get it Evan!

  • Mssmartiepants2u

    I think that’s the nose Michael was going for.

  • charlieblanko

    lol@mss. It is…

  • JCB

    Who cares?? Isn’t he a product of swirl relationship??

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Hey , they didn’t bother you, leave them alone. She looks sophisticated

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Her bun is on point!!

  • JC 'o Bklyn

    So what, he’s half white anyway. Diana Ross probably told him not to bring any black girls home.

  • Bill Bigsby

    who cares

  • http://mrszamir08@gmail.com jco

    she is whack! i wouldnt even notice her if i was walking down the street and he looks bugged out

  • http://www.youtube.com/hatefriends Luvya

    I knew it was him, oh well.

  • BlackMale

    Hey guys Diana Ross had a problem with being black. Her children are going to inherit the same thing. Let this guy go. He is and should never be a role model in the black community.

    @YOUNG’N you made a really stupid comment.

  • Alice


    You are more than right. People need to understand that being black is more than your apperance. Diana looked black, but never really was. So screw her self hating a*s and those confused kids of hers. She has one black jump off baby and the rest by different white men.

    smh, no wonder MJ loved her to death.


    You people amaze me. You mean to tell me that simply because you may be attracted to another race, you hate your own? Is that really what you believe? I am attracted to black men, does that mean I hate my race? My culture? The way some of you think is so messed up!

    This young man is a mulato. If he dates a black woman, does that mean he hates his father’s heritage?

    Grow up, grow a brain. Do some traveling. And stop with the victim mentality and taking every damn thing personally like it’s a disrespect to the black race. I’m just sayin…..

    On another note, she’s quite pretty, but does have bit too much makeup on… She’s young, and probably doesn’t realize how light her foundation is, especially under the flash of a lightbulb at night. She’s used to professional photog staging & lighting. Give them a break.



    If you gonna swirl-it might as well look like that.
    Nice catch midget.

  • Ger

    They are actually married.

  • Gwadaboy

    im not to into the white girl but i must admit… she’s hot!!

  • LALA

    Thank God I am not American, Come up to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and even our nations capital Ottawa! You’ll see Black women with White men, Black men with White women. You’ll see “swirl” in all combos of races: Latino, Asian,Black, White, Native who cares! I feel sad for any one who can’t get over racial issues! I wish ya’ll would just love each other and embrace the fact that we are all brothers and sisters! The Human Race! Embrace each others cultures and differences!

  • Darkesthourglass


    It’s not as if there aren’t many variations of “swirl” couples here in America but it’s obvious that many people have personal issues with it. Maybe they got dumped for a white person or the person they were pursuing picked a white person over them, who knows. I have no problems whatsoever as long as they’re together for love and not all the wrong reasons. A lot of people on here also have issues w/ Diana Ross for whatever reasons. I’m not much of Diana Ross fan but dag, the woman is grown so it’s not that serious.

  • Supreme

    Lol i guessed Chris Brown…

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