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Kaepernick’s Lawyers Plan To Subpoena Trump In Collusion

If Donald Trump thought he was gonna bully Colin Kaepernick from his seat at 1600 STFU Ave with impunity then he’s got Kap ALL the way f***ed up.

According to CNN, #7 and his legal team will be seeking subpoenas for both the POTUS and his WASPy wraith of a Vice President Mike Pence to compel them to testify in regards to NFL’s alleged collusion against Kaepernick.

The NFL is saying “no commment” at this time.

We already know that there are plenty of NFL owners who BEEN rubbing caucasian elbows with Trump. The president’s now-famous “sons of bit¢#es” comment was all the prodding they needed to take a knee to their social injustice god.

With all these legal problems piling up Trump might end up spending more time in the courtrooms over collusion than he does in the oval office.



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