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T.I. Posts About The Disadvantages Of Marriage For Men

Unless you live under a rock, you already know that TI has had a rocky year in his marriage to Tiny, with divorce looming overhead in the wake of his dealings with Bernice Burgos.

TI famously said he’d be a better best friend than husband and it seemed that things were all but over…but then Tiny pulled back on her divorce proceedings and it seems these two are remaining married, for the moment.

But now, TI’s ruminating on the point of even bothering to jump the broom in the first place on IG. Tip expresses in his post that there is nothing in marriage for a man (no companionship, loving partner, caretaker and co-parent for his multitude of children — nothing), and it only risks his fortune in the event he simply can’t be faithful the relationship doesn’t work out.

Take a look:

Just found some info out there from @nay6ah60d_neal I thought I’d share… and mind you, I DIDNT WRITE THIS,A WOMAN DID…. but I do agree to a degree. I’ve heard it,& seen this a million times over. Note to women: Happiness needs no validation….The Ego does. Most women out there nowadays just wanna be married to impress they friends,family (his side pieces) and fit into society’s standards. THATS NOT LOVE!!! That’s how you end up stuck with someone YOU THOUGHT YOU WANTED!!!! No matter what… Whatever you do…

Do what you do to make YOU HAPPY!!! -The End

Funny that someone who feels this way got married and has stayed that way for so long, if he thinks he’s lost respect, friends, money, and his sex life as a result.

What do you think about Tip’s testimonial on the disadvantages for men within marriage? Do you agree?



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