T.I. Gets Two BET Hip-Hop Awards While Locked UP

- By Bossip Staff

BET Hip-Hop Awards went down in Atlanta yesterday:

T.I. didn’t need to attend the BET Hip-Hop Awards to win two trophies on Saturday. The rapper, who is locked up in an Arkansas penitentiary on a federal weapons conviction, won the best collaboration award with Rhianna for the song “Live Your Life” and the album of the year award for “Paper Trail.” His fiancee Tameka “Tiny” Cottle accepted his awards at the ceremony in Atlanta and read a letter by the rapper, who began serving a yearlong sentence in late May. “Although I’m not there with you all, I’m there in spirit,” Cottle quoted the rapper as writing. “My road to redemption is almost over. … Thanks for the support.” Jay-Z was honored as the “MVP of the Year,” while Drake took home “Rookie of the Year,” and Ice Cube received the “I Am Hip-Hop” icon award. Ice Cube said he was humbled by the award, and he believes his career as filmmaker could earn him more honors in the future. He helped launch the gangsta rap genre with the group NWA, and he starred in “Barbershop” and “Friday,” which he also co-wrote.

“When you get recognized by your peers for a life of work, you got to be humbled,” the rap veteran said. “I’m honored by this. I have 20 more years of work left in me. I hope (BET) is ready to give out two of these awards.”

Rapper Busta Rhymes presented the award for “DJ of the Year” to DJ AM, the celebrity spinner who died of an accidental drug overdose in August. Kanye West, meanwhile, couldn’t hijack the stage, because the rapper was a no-show. West had been expected to attend the fourth annual awards show. He fell under scrutiny for interrupting Taylor Swift’s award-winning moment at last month’s MTV Video Music Awards. Jay-Z took the stage with Young Jeezy to perform “Real as It Gets” and rap group Goodie Mob performed its 1995 song “Cell Therapy.”


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  • http://www.jbeazantq.com JBeaz

    First and a cup of coffee.

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  • Tam Tam

    Tiny representing. Thats a good woman!! We miss u T.I

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    He neeeds to get out, I know someone who wants him baddD!!! Tiny said something about it being ok for him to have other females, right?

  • thephatdiva

    T.I. and Tiny are cool in my book

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Grabs doughnut off kitchen counter, and she is planning a trip to L.A. soon, her along with my other comrade, so they are not playing.

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  • http://www.k.com noelle

    She was like, “Dam I think you missed it”. I was liek o

  • Hannibal


  • Auntie Noxy

    They could have picked a better picture..

  • NaQuia88

    I Don’t Think Jay Z Should Have Wom MVP I Think SOmeone Else Should Have Got It… He Didn’t Really Do To Much To Me

  • Redbones_Up_Darkbutts_Down(And Swedish Blondes Uber Alles, Bitches)

    B.E.T. ==

    Baboons Entertainment Television

  • always knew

    about T.I. – it is not commendable, that he went to prison/ jail…BUT at least he is still making money and not just sitting there wasting away. I hope that when he comes out, he will remember the trouble and turn away from that lifestyle. I hope him and Tiny get married, they make a cute couple…

  • always knew


  • Hassan

    kudos 2 Jay

  • white male

    BET loves to glorify criminals.

  • taboo

    What’s funny to me is BET claimed Chris couldn’t do a MJ tribute, but gave TI an award for that show and 2 for this show. I like TI, but what are silencers and assault weapons used for? Exactly, but we crucify one and not the other. We wonder why our kids think violence is okay.

  • juicyjessica101

    I love T.I. he is so effin hot!!! I wish I was his cell- mate!!!LOL

  • neenee

    Love and miss u TI

  • http://bossip Dave

    I agree that Jay-Z didn’t deserve the MVP of the year award. He didn’t even have an album out last year. So what the f**k!!

  • summerhill ga

    where were wayne?..gorilla zoe?

  • wash ya ass

    snithcing and suicide awards

  • Oh Well...

    awwww…how inspiring…sets such a good example for young kids…specially yioung black kids. **please note sarcasm** RME

  • White Trash

    Since this is the BET AWARDS….where is the award for “most baby momma’s” or “hardest lyrics to understand” LMAO lets include everyone….shyyyyt!! Then we know Wayne would have taken home both of those awards…LOL

  • Ashlee

    Big up to Drake for winning Rookie of the Year..

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