Jesus Take the Wheel: Columbine Killer’s Mom Finally Speaks

- By Bossip Staff

The mother of one of the two Columbine HS teen killers is publicly speaking in detail about the massacre for the first time — and says she had “no inkling” that her son was suicidal until she read his journals. “When I first saw copied pages of these writings, they broke my heart,” Susan Klebold writes in an essay for an upcoming issue of Oprah Winfrey’s “O” magazine. “I’d had no inkling of the battle Dylan was waging in his mind.”

Learning that her son was at the center of the April 1999 carnage, in which he and pal Eric Harris killed 12 students and a teacher before committing suicide, “changed everything,” she says. “For the rest of my life, I will be haunted by the horror and anguish Dylan caused,” she writes. “I cannot look at a child in a grocery store or on the street without thinking about how my son’s schoolmates spent the last moments of their lives.” She adds that “Dylan changed everything I believed about myself, about God, about family and about love.” In recalling that day, she notes that Dylan left their Littleton, Colo., house about 20 minutes early, leaving her confused. “All he said was ‘Bye,’ ” she writes. “The front door slammed, and his car sped down the driveway. “His voice had sounded sharp. I figured he was mad because he had to get up early to give someone a lift to class.”



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  • JBeaz


  • http://bossip miss dior

    Those two boys were psycho, and delusional.

  • noelle

    28 years late???

  • noelle




  • muchluv

    Moms not telling everythang…no way a kid has that kind of mindset and moms has NO CLUE..impossible.

  • Shay

    It’s not her fault that her child did that but she made some major mistakes. The main one being that your child shouldn’t have an arsenal in their bedroom and you not know about it.

  • Niki

    You know what funny though? There was just an article on yahoo news about how the creators of South Park are making yet another episode mocking Michael Jackson and this time its about his death. Apparently its all in good humor and that isnt going too far at all. Yet, I can not recall one episode of them making fun of whatever these losers names are, and how they killed innocent people in an high school. They can make fun of religion, celebrity deaths, EVERYTHING. But they never touched this though. And they’re from Colorado too. Funny.

  • Redbones_Up_Darkbutts_Down(And Swedish Blondes Uber Alles, Bitches)


    Pissed “on” (a la R. Kelly), or pissed “off”,
    Dark Butt.

  • white male

    Black people love to bring the columbine killers up.

  • Redbones_Up_Darkbutts_Down(And Swedish Blondes Uber Alles, Bitches)

    @always knew

    YOU never knew SHIT.

  • Redbones_Up_Darkbutts_Down(And Swedish Blondes Uber Alles, Bitches)

    @always knew

    Save that weave money and go buy a book of GRAMMAR, you self absorbed douche.

  • Jassy

    People always gotta make this a white/black thing. Black people do crazy things too! As if we as black people are the most put-together race. And although I do agree that this woman should have known about the weapons or whatever it was that he kept in his room, IT’S NOT HER FAULT AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HER BEING WHITE.

    Not to diss my own race but I noticed that when most black people see a person (of any race) do something negative then it MUST be the parents fault. If it’s a white kid it MUST be that the parents are weak and don’t know how to discipline. If it’s a black kid it MUST mean that the daddy isn’t there or that the momma is a low-down stripper or something lol. SMH

  • Dark and Lovely

    I don’t get why these dark skinned males come up on this site under some bogus name dogging dark skinned sista’s.
    I mean really, isn’t your mother and father both “dark butts” do you hate your mothers that much?.
    Then in the middle of their gibberish they want to start calling people “ignorant”. LMAO…..GTFOH….

  • Moe

    @ Dark and Lovely
    It’s true, right in the middle of their crazy ramble they spit…. ignorant…. ghetto! LOL

  • http://bossip THETRUTH

    I don’t care what any one says…Those boys were driven to violence. I bet the other kids at the school were mean to them. People need to respect people because you never know where their heads are at! I don’t agree with what they did….obviously they had some mental issues…Folks need to stop beomg mean to folk on the job and at work… when something like this happens people are at an up roar. Folk stop being mean to people!!

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