For Discussion: Guess Which One Is 2009-2010 Miss Hampton University

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Miss Hampton University is a white girl this year and she has been getting scrutinized to no end. Nikole Churchill wrote a letter to President Obama about her plight:

Hampton University

President Barack Obama

October 11, 2009

Aloha Mr. Obama!

My name is Nikole Churchill, a senior nursing major at Hampton University. This past Friday October 9, 2009, I was honored to be crowned Miss Hampton University 2009-2010. It truly was the best night of my life! With that being said, I am sad to say…… that my crowning was not widely accepted and many negative comments regarding my win have been shared throughout my campus.

It would be much easier to say that possibly some were not accepting of the news because I wasn’t the most qualified contestant; however, the true reason for the disapproval was because of the color of my skin. I am not African-American. Despite the unfortunate beliefs that some are saying I should not have won, I am desperately trying to focus on those who believe in me and support me and my goal to represent this beautiful, multicultural campus the very best way that I can. I would love your help!

I am hoping that perhaps you would be able to make an appearance to my campus, Hampton University, so that my fellow Hamptonians can stop focusing so much on the color of my skin and doubting my abilities to represent, but rather be proud of the changes our nation is making towards accepting diversity. People are even nicknaming me, “lil Obama” because of various reasons. This is truly an honor as well!

I am also from Hawaii (Wahiawa) and I am hoping that you can assist me in opening some closed minds and help share some aloha spirit throughout my campus. I feel as though you could relate to my situation, which is why I immediately wanted to contact you. I was interviewed last night at the HU vs. HU football game by news channel 13 and I mentioned how individuals such as you and myself are making changes in hopes people can stop placing so much focus on our skin color by letting that define what we can, cannot, should, and/or should not do. Dr. Harvey welcomed me last night to the family with open arms and I was beyond honored when he told me that he is behind me 100%. I am proud to represent Hampton University and I am so proud having you to represent our home, our country. Your support with my crowning as Miss Hampton University 2009-2010 would be graciously appreciated. Please reply, I will be looking forward to it!

-Nikole Churchill

Virginia Beach , VA



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  • E's

    Congratulations to her.



  • E$

    Congrats to her. She is welcomed @ the school, but can’t be Miss Hampton? Are they ashamed to have a white girl @ the school?

  • Jade Silver

    LOL @ ‘Lil Obama’

  • Superwoman

    Racist idiots!! Who cares what color the girl is and who cares about this? This is not news. This is stupid! Now, this chick is just trying to be an attention hog. She should have wrote Oprah. Tyra would have definitely tackled these irrelevant topic!

  • Redd

    This is what we would call reverse racism. I wish her the best. And I hope President O will respond!

  • Jason Taylor

    That’s messed up considering that you was voted by students at Hampton. So what’s the damn problem. Va must be full of haters

  • Mrs. Rance

    Why should the President make an appearance at her school? Wouldn’t that be rewarding the racists? Later for them. If her tuition is good enough for Hampton she deserves to wear the crown as much as anyone else.

  • http://none BigBody

    glad she won. someone must have thought it was ok. Stop hating, and step your VOTE game up, next time.

  • bobby

    @ Sydney

    Maybe she wrote to Obama because he also grew up in Hawaii and has a diverse background. But I agree with you in that I don’t know what exactly she’s trying to accomplish.

  • lt

    Clearly, that is who the judges decided to win. Some african-americans need to wake up. If caucasians chooose to go to a mostly african-american college shouldn’t they be allowed to participate in activities they are interested in?

  • Sydney™ (. . .the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die)


    “But I agree with you in that I don’t know what exactly she’s trying to accomplish.”

    Well, that’s my point. What is she trying to accomplish? Drama!

    And, ironically, I met a fellow Hamptonian this weekend in D.C., and we talked about homecoming. It certainly will be interesting this year, lol. Very, very interesting, indeed.

  • Angee

    Yes, Hampton University is traditionally African-American, but if she won, then she won.

    Morning Sydney 🙂

  • bobby

    Honestly she was a little gullible if she thought that being white and winning Miss Hampton University wasn’t going to cause controversy. It’s an HBCU for cryin out loud.

  • ridin so high i can slap down a pigeon

    damn its some hating going on at Hampton…lmao…good for the white girl

  • JB

    HEy Syd!! I didn’t know you went to HU. So did Lady A. Me however I am a Spartan!! Behold the Green and Gold!! We play you guys next week for our Homecoming.

  • Mr. Big Mack Ronald Mcdonald (Im Luvin It)

    Howard University is the real HU anyway!!!

  • REality

    She is beautiful,

    It shouldn’t matter, if the student majority voted for her, then it’s the choice of the people. We must not sink down to the level of prejudice white folks. If the shoe was on the other foot we would be screaming “NAACP”. Let’s just look at this from a strategic point of view, the more diverse community we have in HSBC, the more accepted individuals feel and funding we will have.

    Remember a lot of cultures really envy us “BLACK” people, so let’s welcome them. A lot of their parents/grandparents have money to donate to their school just because their kids are going there. Example look at schools like “Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi, Harvard, Columbia, and Yale for instance. It’s all a tradition and money game.
    No one can ever take the fact that Hampton is a HBC so let’s just share the “Black Experience”, with others. Her gain will be a total gain for the community and our children.

  • lollipoplollipopohlolliloollipop

    ok.she won.give it up for her.

    she must be doing something right if she won.she’s got to learn that u cant win with out losing bc theres ppl that voted for u,but theres obviously ppl that voted against u.

    i do think writing to obama was a bit drastic n will give her even more scrutiny.

  • Anita Faker

    But DOESN’T the STUDENTS vote for Miss Hampton? WTFE she just wants some attention.

    She knew there would be SOME type of back lash at an HBCU. She ran for the shit. Take your win and keep moving and fulfill your duties.

    I personally wouldn’t want a white chick repping my school if it was an HBCU.

    HBCU for life!

  • Sydney™ (. . .the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die)

    Hey Angee, JB.

    I just told my friend — a fellow Hampton grad — and she’s in shock as well. She keeps asking, “how did this happen?”

    I didn’t even know that HU has a campus in Va. Beach. I’m really confused right now.

  • HO SIT DOWN!!!

    Who give a rats a** about this beauty pageant anyway!?!?!? with that said…

    I just would like to know what qualified her over the other women? I think alot of yall who think that this is just black people ( more so black women) hating dont realize that this is about C>R>E>A>M get the money! all hbcu’s are SELLING OUT cuz they are in debt, and what better way to get OUT OF DEBT than to make the face of the school a lil’ more “diverse”?!?! this is all about POLITICS people!!!

  • as seen on t.v.

    Wear your crown with pride and keep it moving…

  • Bishoujo

    She wrote to the president just because folks are hating? For real? Wait, let me write to the president too…some chick at the salon was looking at me sideways. LOL

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