Who Switched Her Wig???

- By Bossip Staff

This celeb decided to pull an attention whore move, switching up her hair for some last minute publicity.

Flip the Hood to See Who

LaLa debuted her new hair and we think it’s not half bad. What do you all think?

Are you feelin this???

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  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)

    Do something productive La La.

    Does your son know how to read yet? We dont want any more Lil R. Kellys running around here.

  • ThAtLaDy22

    I like her tatt! :0

  • blackexec


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  • http://blackmetisplanet.com IM ADDICTED AND IM NOT ASHAMED

    she’s beautiful avec ou sans WIG !




  • red

    carmelo needs to drop her ASAP she is gross a kardashianhangeron blah and she’s fat too

  • ThAtLaDy22

    How is she fat?

  • bbq

    Isn’t that her girl’s Ci-Error’s old wig???

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Cynthia

    I like it…Good Look for her!

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Khristal

    LOVE the wig
    HATE the tattoos on the back of her neck

  • Jade Silver

    @ red… So fat people don’t deserve to have baller boyfriends? Besides, where is she fat? SMH.

  • Jena4rmthablock

    It’s a weave oh yeah and so what?

  • Anita Faker

    What up with the scratches on her back along with the tatts.

    hair cute

  • as seen on t.v.

    I like the weave it’s cute…suits her better than that shaved on the side mess she was rocking…

  • Emma

    thought it was ciara

    still looks nice

  • Cynthia & Khristal Lover...Hannibal's Twin

    Seriously I can’t stomach another hair style of any of these D listers any longer

  • Precious

    She needs a job….melo needs a new girl

  • Trixxie

    LaLa is a beautiful girl and her hair is gorgeous
    and I love me some Melo

  • Symone

    Looks cute to me!

  • http://bossip.com Girl BYE!!

    cute!!! That tatt is hawt!!!!! Idea!!!!

  • Journey

    She definitely has BIG BUG eyes and she has become annoying but she seems sweet.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    She’s still beautiful…i like her.

  • Royal Chocolate

    I guess she did this because she doesn’t have, oh what’s the word I’m looking for…TALENT!

  • Black is Glamour

    @Angee…I agree.

    I like LALA, but why is this news..i mean really? How many milliosn of ppl get new hairstyles everyday?

  • soulwoman

    I agree with those that said she needs to do something productive in her life. She has basically turned into the 4th Kardashian chick. She is a full blown valley girl now.

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