The Up Spa's Vagacial Service Will Get You Summer Ready

Time To Get Bikini Ready! NYC’s ‘The Up Spa’ Offers Facials For Your…You Know

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The Up Spa’s Vagacial Service Will Get You Summer Ready

Summer is officially here! And ladies ought to know that’s prime time to get their bikini area in prime condition.

Women in the NYC area should take advantage of The Up Spa‘s “vagacial” services to make sure their sensitive skin is in its prime health and glowing appearance for all the swimwear they’ll be sliding into for the next few months. We over here at BOSSIP got a chance to try the service…and here’s the rundown:

The vagacial begins with a Brazilian wax using the spa’s own special all-natural “hard wax,” which is virtually painless and shrink wraps around the hair to remove it directly from the root.

Next, you’re transported to another room with a nice robe and warm neck wrap (and a glass or two of wine if you’d like) for the vagacial process. Much like a traditional facial, This process clears away any leftover dead skin cells and removes surface ingrowns. The freshly waxed area is double cleansed, then covered with a deep exfoliating mask to slough off dead cells. Next, they’ll open up your pores with a warm sanitized towel and perform extractions to clear out any ingrowns and build up that may be them.

Next a refreshing bubble serum tones the skin and restores ph balance balance to the area. Finally, the service ends with a rubberizing enzyme mask and all natural moisturizer. You’ve never felt THAT skin feel so refreshed and smooth!

After enjoying the service ourselves, we caught up with Up Spa Owner Ashley Guisao to find out more about Up Spa and what made her want to offer this unique service.

What made you open The Up Spa?

I’ve been in this business for about 10 years. I launched a waxing company here in NYC, and mainly what we did was waxing — I was very good at the Brazilians and trained all of their waxers and waxing trainers. As such, I had a lot of customers and I worked there for a really long time, so I’ve seen thousands of vaginas. But my first passion is skincare, so I always went the extra mile to take care of the skin beyond the wax. There are so many skin issues that women have in their bikini area that they have no idea how to take care of. The average woman doesn’t even have a skin care regimen for that area. So I wanted to address that.

Every different culture, no matter how old you are, whether you’re old or young, whether you’re fat or skinny, whether you’re rich or poor, whether you’re white or black, we all share the same thing. We all have a vagina. If I can help you to take care of yours by giving you this advice, it can make you that much more confident. It’s a very important part of your body, and it should be its best.

So how did the vagacial start? Is this a quick fix or something women need to maintain at home?

After seeing so many clients so frequently, I began giving them different at-home skincare tips and tricks for that area and trying different masks on the skin. There is an at-home care component, and while we’re working on a skin care line at the moment, I currently make recommendations on different things to use at home to maintain results.

Why do you feel that women should invest in vagacials?

Your skin in your Brazilian area is very sensitive, and very different from anywhere else on your body. You want to have nice skin there. Some women are very embarrassed of the skin there — some women have boils in that area and they don’t know why they’re getting them. Some women have acne in that area and didn’t even know it was acne. Sometimes when you’re on the beach in a bikini you can see all of that. This process clears those issues and helps you identify problems you may not have realized you had.

The Up Spa is located at 22 East 66th St in New York, NY and is open daily from Monday-Saturday 10am -7pm and Sunday 11am – 6pm. Ladies, will you be treating yourself to a vagacial this summer?

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