The King Kiddie Crook

- By Bossip Staff

This is lil Juan Gonzalez. He looks like a nice enough kid, but this 15 year-old and his little 13 year-old brother will rob you blind:

A baby-faced, 15-year-old burglar with more than a dozen busts already under his belt is being eyed as an Oliver Twist-like thief who ransacked up to 25 or more apartments, mostly in the West Village, The Post has learned. Juan Gonzalez was arrested Friday night in Queens — toting along his 13-year-old brother, authorities said. They were caught red-handed…… in Richmond Hill, a police source said. The 150-pound, 5-foot-7 Gonzalez was nailed for that robbery and 11 others in the same precinct, the source said. Add that to two previous busts, and he’s up to 14 arrests.

But authorities also are eyeing Gonzalez in 25 more burglaries. “He took whatever he could sell,” a source said. It isn’t just his recent burglary rap sheet that’s stunning. Detectives said his first arrest was in 2005, when he was 11. His next followed in 2008. Relatives told The Post that the youngster spent six months in detention. “Instead of going to school, he learned how to be a burglar,” said Juan’s step-grandfather, José Vasquez, 56. “Juan said they did all these burglaries for someone else, and the other guy would sell all these laptops they took and sell them,” Vasquez said. They said he now brings his younger brother along for the ride. Grandmother Gladys Gonzalez, 59, blamed the bad company her grandsons have kept.

“I chased one of these guys away with a knife once,” the grandmother said of an alleged “fence.” The last time his grandmother saw Juan was two weeks ago, when he asked to borrow $40, relatives said. “Juan lives on the street now,” Vasquez said. “He calls me on the phone, and says, ‘I’m OK. I love you,’ and hangs up.” “I can’t take all the sad stuff anymore,” Gladys Gonzalez said. “I hope they can turn their lives around.”

His smile is a dead give away. Where are their parents? SMH


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  • Miss_NC

    Damn, I hope they turn their lives around too.


    This is truly sad.

  • CW

    he hasn’t broke into the right person’s house yet. he’s obviously hispanic and probably lives in a neighborhood that’s predominantly hispanic. Bring his azzzz to Bmore and see how many houses he rob. he may get in, but he won’t get out unless it’s on a stretcher. and yes, even if u a kid u can get a bullet btwn ur eyes. if u think u grown enough to break into someone’s house, then u grown enough to take that bullet or azzz-whipping u got coming ur way.

  • CW

    i’m just about sick of today’s youth. u have no respect, morals, no home-training, nothing. if our future depends on today’s youth, we all doomed!


    Whats wrong with our kids? I’m just tired….


    wtf?were is his mommma and daddy his needs a whooping

  • Nique




    that is so sad.

  • Alice

    He’s Robin Hood.

    Robbing folks in the hood!

    sad though. he probably has 5 kids already too. He is hispanic…… j/k lol

  • Beauty627

    @ Blaze: my sentiments exactly.

  • TM30

    Robbing folks at 11? Well he got caught at 11. I wonder how old he was when he started? It’s sad when kids don’t have the guidance they need and end up like this. If he doesn’t decide to change his life is going to be one big waste.

    He can get away with that up north but in the south, folks don’t play that. In Texas, a guy got off for killing two men who were robbing his neighbor’s house. Yeah, you read it right, two men and his neighbor’s house. Some states are all about home owners protecting themselves and their property.

  • Prettywhitegirl

    Typical . I bet his mama is some big, fat, ugly, greasy, Puerto Rican gorilla mama who shared in the loot.

  • kasha

    Spics…They ain’t shit..none of them…

  • rude gyal

    Wow…this is something…I’m pretty sad.

  • PrettyInPink

    Damn, so much hatred in here, surely all coming from ignorant people… SMH

  • Plain Jane

    The kids a straight up sociopath. Sociopaths have no empathy for their victims. He probably sees his robberies as games-how many he can rack up. Unfortunatley, sociopathic kids grow into sociopathic adults; our prisons are FULL of them.

  • Plain Jane

    And I agree that the kid is the way he is due to his upbringing. In the end, his parent/guardians will be held accountable for the way he turned out. I didn’t mean to sound so harsh in my last post, but I do hope this kid turns his life around.

  • ACE

    What I can’t do is blame him totally for this. Sounds like he’s doing this for survival. All his family members want to make comments, but where the hell were you when he needed food, clothes, shelter etc.?? Sounds like CPS needs to be involved here instead of arresting the young man. WHERE THE HELL ARE THEIR PARENTS? He needs an asswhipping, some love, and some security not jail.

  • mzflawda

    @ othello: very well spoken u left nothing left to say for me.

  • Money First

    @Tru_To_All-I understand your frustration but you have to remember that 85% of this world is deaf, dumb and blind, 10% have the knowledge but only use it to help themselves and then there is the 5% (which it sounds like you are trying to represent) that will use the knowledge to help others. Remember you can’t let the ignorance others portray invade your soul because eventually it will have you responding to them in the same way!

  • Wiggy

    Where are they parents? They’ve been in jail for awhile now.

  • Miss B

    Very sad for whatever reason this little kid is robbing and bringing his little brother for the ride.

    I hope this story seeks an intervention for these children. This is horrible no matter the race.

    I am sorry kids who have no clue of this cruel world have to live it with no direction. I hope when he tells his grandma he’s okay & loves her, she tells him she loves him and wishes he comes home.

    This has to end. Poor youth.

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