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Posted by Bossip Staff

Jennifer Hudson was spotted at LAX airport yesterday.

Fill in the Blank: Jennifer Hudson looks like she’s ____________________________.

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  • bree


  • bree

    she looks like she just came out the gym.. & i’m telling you- i don’t like the hair piece

  • ag

    How is she so “big boned” with SUCH a flat ass? Boggles the mind indeed.

  • http://80sBabyCrazy B.Rock

    …trying her damndest to tuck the gut

  • Jerome


  • justme

    the second pic is kinda sorta almost cute???? well whatever she looks smaller though

  • so 510 bay

    just smelled her own breathe

  • so 510 bay

    but her body looks really good no homo

  • Trin

    ….she’s on that liquid diet lol

  • Mina

    Didn’t know her ass was THAT flat! lmao

  • so 510 bay

    oh wait i didnt c that second pic she has no ass, none at all

  • TaShA

    omg why do chicks think it’s cute or ok to wear coochie cutting pants/leggings out in public??? YYYYYYY??? i just hate when ppl do that cuz it looks so trife

  • swoosh

    oh sh*t ya’ll caught me with no make up on

  • And...

    I’ve always been boggled by thicker women w/flat asses. Not like it can’t happen, but I have a friend w/banging hips and when she turns around the ass of her pants is loose.

    I mean no booty.

    J. Hud usually does a good job is disguising the flat butt & those knocked-knees.

    I mean hey…she was traveling.


    well she looks like a regular person

    down to earth … just chilling

    she dont have to be glam up at all times


  • Torion

    J. Hudson looks like shes contemplating. . . “Damn… They Caught Me! Do I take this ish off and put on something more attractive and flattering in the rear area?”

  • Ty

    Jennifer needs a Stylist. They let this girl come out the house looking like a ChickenHead all the time. Bad greasy face, nappy wig, and the clothes, she’s an Oscar Winner…and a mess.

  • versace

    She almost has beyonce body. Thick legs with no booty. All she needs now is lipo in the stomach like beyonce

  • Classy White Woman

    Jennifer Husdon has so much promise. Now she looks like the rest of you lazy black women that collect welfare and spend your days watching BET and “Comic View”.



  • Bob


    Not an attractive black woman….AT ALL.

  • char

    lol…Percentages have shown that black people arent the majority of welfare ^^^^

  • pirate

    like a hot greasy pig with bad attitude.

  • num1dominicano

    flap jack ass……


    Never ever compare Beyonce’s body and this whale’s body in the same breath!!!

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