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Florida Woman Steals $70,000 From Man Who Took Her Home From A Bar

It aint safe in these Miami streets, kids.

Kira White walked into the Blue Martini bar in Brickell early Friday morning, where a bartender and other witnesses told police they spotted the 23-year-old and her distinctive leg tattoos — a pair of high heels and diamonds on her right thigh and a star on her right thigh.

Miami police arrested White that morning and charged her with stealing a whopping $70,000 in jewelry and cash.

Staff told police those were the same tattoos they saw two weeks before on the woman seen leaving at closing time with a man completely decked out in expensive jewelry. That same man told police that he took White back to his hotel room to “hang out for a little longer” after they met at the bar earlier that evening.

One of the bartenders said he saw the man buying her drinks all night, but “she would just push them aside,” he told police.

The affluent man told police that when he and White returned to his hotel room that night, they had another drink–but he left his unattended as he went to use he bathroom. After his next sip, he couldn’t remember anything else.

Only a few hours later, he told cops that he awoke to find his jewelry and cash gone. Stolen were his gold link chain, worth $30,000, a $30,000 Rolex watch, a $5,000 gold medallion for the chain and $5,000 in cash.

As aforementioned, Kira White was arrested that morning and charged with stealing $70,000 in jewelry and cash.


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