What in Ghostface Geisha Hell Was Debbie Allen Thinking??

- By Bossip Staff

Debbie Allen strolled her oldie but goodie a** down the red carpet of some event in Santa Monica looking like this.

Check out more of this under the hood.

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    o wow

  • Why?


  • charlieblanko

    lol@debbie allen…why she do that? LMAO

  • Nique


  • Cynthia & Khristal Lover...Hannibal's Twin

    Menopause is a mutha!!!

  • soulwoman

    I’m sure it’s a custome…



  • Angee

    @ms jazz

    R U Serious?

  • copelli21

    Is she going to a costume party?

    Because maybe that would explain it…..maybe.

  • Miss B

    It has to be for the event… I hope! If not, we all make mistake in wardrobe choice from time to time.

  • Seriously....

    *dies* @ Ghostface Geisha

  • Bill Bigsby

    woulda looked good without the make up

  • kasha

    She needs a BRA…

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    She never did anything for me, neither did her sister.


    i’m still laughing at the heading…

  • lt


  • Alice

    She must have lost out on a bet or something, because I know dang well Debbie know better than that.

  • mai2cents

    lmao at the title

  • YouGotQuestions-IGotAnswers

    Maybe she was in the middle of bakin some biscuts, and then remembered she had to be at the event, and, soooo….ok, bye.

  • eveinthegarden

    hmmmm….i dont know what to make of this.

    Debbie A. was SOO fly back in the Fame dayz though.

  • Simone

    R.I.P. Eartha Kitt. Debbie “Just say NO!” It ain’t worth it!!

  • top ramen shotta

    AYO! halloween is still weeks away!

  • JJ

    Everyone STFU and leave Mrs Allen alone! She is an artist and did the damn thang. WTF are u doing? How u living? What u makin? Leave this treasured icon the “L” alone.

  • yRT2

    Ummmmm, I I don’t know what to think of this picture *blank stare*

  • "Lookin like a Fake ass JJ n Michael"

    @ JJ
    Dude, yes she is an artist, but,
    WTF…are you NOT looking at!?

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