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NYC Private School Segregates Students According To Race

Would you pay a private school that placed your kids in a classroom away from the white children??

According to NYDN, parents at an NYC school have been unknowingly doing just that.

The celeb-kid-filled Little Red School House in NYC’s West Village has been practicing segregation in their classes right under unaware parents’ noses. School Director Philip Kassen announced that he would begin placing minority middle-school students all in the same homeroom classes starting this fall. However, parents report that they have learned that the racially-motivated class structure has already been in effect throughout the previous school year for 7th and 8th graders, with a planned expansion to 6th grade for the upcoming year.

For some perspective, the school is very small and costs parents $45,485 per year in tuition. Each grade consists of roughly 40 students and has only two homerooms. Students matriculate with their homeroom groups for 30 percent of the school day.

White parents were supposedly surprised and outraged when they learned of the policy, however, some minority parents report that they have been aware of minorities being lumped into the same classes since as far back as kindergarten.

Apparently, the segregation has been put in place to “help” the children, with a passage in the school handbook stating:

“Research points to the academic, social, and emotional benefits to being in a classroom with others who share racial, ethnic, linguistic, and/or cultural backgrounds.”

With parent outrage coming at the school full force, Director Kassen has claimed that he’ll cut the policy, but will keep “race as a critical, but not primary, determinant” in how they form homeroom classes.

We wonder how the minority parents who pay $46,000 a year to send their children to this school are feeling about having their kids sectioned off into separate rooms from the white kids… SMH.



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