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  • http://monica monica higgs

    wat up

  • http://xd Ms ryda

    I feel like if she did oh well she would not be the first. she still pretty.

  • http://Boosip Alshey

    Nicki looked alrite when she didn’t get and when she got and she looked so much better.It’s Barbie B****.

  • harajuku...yah know tha rest!

    look at mah idol!

  • Keke

    Nicki forget those hates

  • http://ccvbvbdb briannna

    y nicki u r beautiful and don’t let no body change that or ur thoughts about ur life because when u look u the one that is the celebrity so don’t let no one change that i love u pease

  • Mystique

    I give nikki all the more props..for me a fat a**,big breast, and a small wasit is my idea of the perfect body. The kinda body i want. It doesnt always have to be bout insercuirties, she knew what she want and went for it. So f@&$ everybody else. They dont have the money for it,the haters r the exact ones that listen all day to her songs,so what.

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