When The Checks Stop Coming In

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Lil Kim recently had her Bentley targeted by the repo man for a failure to make payments.

It was all caught on video. Poor thang.

This is what Kim told the repo man:

“Oh please, get the fu*k out of here. You are so fu*king ridiculous.”


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  • Bama Man


  • Bama Man

    What f’n mess!!!

  • Why?

    There no joy in knowing that other people are in a bad state of affairs.

    We all go through stuff. These folks have to go through theirs out loud, in the public eye – unfortunately.

  • 4th

    Awww man!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    damn Kim

    she spending them checks on the Dr. 90210

  • jan

    lol whoa! she looks like a monster lol

  • Leigh

    Poor Thang !

  • dana

    that is one ugly beotch

  • 9LIVES

    It doesn’t surprise me, next they’ll be trying to repo her face.

  • MunNeMaYkA

    House, Lips, Cars, and Titts… All Leased with an Option to Buy !!! lol

  • Well

    This country is in a hot mess right now…But Im sure she can afford another car that isn’t so expensive.

  • Qi-Qi

    She should sell some of that damn makeup, weave and wigs to pay the car off.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    damn i hate this close up of Kimberly, so monet!


  • Panamanians Do It Better



  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    Wenzel Dashington

    damn i liked the other photo it fit the name. lol

  • rayna

    I’m not going to make light of her troubles. I empathize with her. She is having a string of bad events, and we should have sympathy for her problems.

  • Righteous Indignation

    @ rayna

    Not when the problems are self-inflicted.

  • Righteous Indignation

    Haven’t you people ever heard of the phrase conspicuous consumption? Well, Lil’ Kim, like most of these soon to be broke rappers are the living embodiment of it.

  • T-Bird

    Why does she look like a black Ivana Trump. Hmph…If she can “make a Sprite can disappear in her mouth”…She better get with Gov. Spitzer’s chick…she can probably get her a few clients…

  • Ready Set Go

    My how she looks like Dolly Parton. Well a poor knock-off of Dolly anyway.

  • {the heckler}

    she really has very low self esteem, anyone who does what she’s done to her face and body could not love herself. it’s so sad that she actually has people who look up to her… i see a person who needs some help..

  • http://celebhaterz.blogspot.com Japan

    yall nuthafukkas need to do the research, the car belonged to SCOTT STORCH and he didnt make the payments, he gave her the car..she going to pay for it today!!!

    I read about it on celebhaterz.blogspot.com

  • And.....

    She looks like Zsa Zsa Gabor’s lost Black sister. Well hell, if she can only afford Shaneequa’s Discount Basement Plastic Surgery procedures (ain’t no Beverly Hills 90210 doc doing that to her face), what makes you think she can afford a Bentley car note?? I’m just saying.

  • Assata Faye Jenkins

    *amused by the poster on that link who says “Lil Kim got money. She probably didn’t want it anymore”…. wtf? who decides they don’t want a Bentley? and if that was the case, she would have taken it somewhere to get rid of it, not missed payments…. whattamaroon….

  • He's Presidential

    Well I dont think its a funny situation. I think its wrong that the repo guy had the news station with him.. Talk about humiliation but this to shall pass…

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